Newbies to Steepster who want to jump right in and make friends!

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AmyTran96 said

Hi guys!!

Hi Amy! Welcome!

Hey :) Welcome Amy!! Cheers.

Emily M said

Hello! Welcome to Steepster!

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Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks so thought I’d better say hello :) I’m a long time coffee drinker who has dabbled in (bagged) tea, but I’ve recently been bitten by the loose tea bug! I’ve ordered a few samples from various companies (UK mainly, since that’s where I am) & I’m enjoying the adventure so far!

K S said

Love the avatar.

Hi Caroline!

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pizza4lyfe said

Hi! Just found Steepster while drinking a cup of Earl Grey (lol) and reading up the discussion on Yi Xing teapots. Great Site! :)

Welcome! I found the site when I was trying to find a way to clean out an unglazed teapot. Either way, we’ve been lucky to stumble on such a great site.

Emily M said

Hello and welcome!

Welcome! Lots of information here about the famed Yixing pottery (and even some discounts here and there from suppliers). And plenty of Earl Grey drinkers here too — bergamot is a great flavor!

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Why haven’t I found this place sooner?

Well you found it now; it must be the right time. Welcome!

’Tis a place of awesomeness and good people.


Emily M said

Welcome to the darkside! ;)
It’s a great place to be.

You just needed a few more cups of tea. It stimulates the imagination!

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Last thread of the evening, but new to here as of yesterday. Will be updating bio/cupboard after my midterm on Wednesday. Looking forward to advice and recommendations being as I’ve only been a tea drinker for less than a few months.

Emily M said

Welcome to Steepster! You’ll love it here.
Good luck on the midterm. =)

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Susan said

My oldest daughter encouraged me to join steepster, since she introduced me to loose leaf tea, so here I am. She is my tea mentor; although, she says she is a newbie here too. A bit about me; I homeschool my youngest daughter and developed an interest in drinking tea for the health benefit. In between those two daughters I have a grown son and another daughter.

Welcome, Susan! I homeschooled my son for several years and now he is a sophomore in high school doing extremely well. (Proud mama here.) Have fun on Steepster!

Donna A said

Welcome Susan. I joined Steepster within the past year and have had fun with it and learned a lot. I have 2 in college and one in med school. As a result of my interest in tea, others in my family have discovered they like it too. Two of my kids enjoy tea when they come home on breaks. My husband has also found teas he likes, but he and I don’t have exactly the same tastes. Anyway, thanks to everything I’ve learned on Steepster, I have a nice stash of a variety of teas. Something for everyone.

Hi Mom ^^

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Chiyo select said

Hi, nice to meet everyone~ I joined last week. :)

Hi, Chiyo, I like your avatar!

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KJayCee said

Hi y’all, I heard about this site when I ordered some tea from Zoomdweebie’s (52teas – which I heard about on Twitter – love the Internet). Looking forward to learning more about the great teas that are out there (and tasting them too).

Sil select said


What did you get from 52 teas. :)

Thanks for joining us!

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KJayCee said

I first bought the Chocolate Mint black tea because I’ve been searching for a recreation of a chocolate mint black tea that I had at a tea shop in Greenwich Village (NYC) – and it was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve bought a few other flavors from there since, and I’m currently waiting for an order of iced tea blends right now (really looking forward to Lime Cola). I think it’s my favorite place to order tea online right now.

Serenity said

mmmm like those girl scout cookies! Thin Mints!

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KJayCee said

Might be worth trying the two together. :)

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