COMMON GROUND: Tea and Genealogy

Hey TEA Fans…who also shares the interest of Genealogy?

Share below :)

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Oooo me! I only met two of my grandparents (okay three but he only visited once). My father’s father had lost his speech due to a stoke (his wife died of one before was born) and my mother’s mother was a very bitter woman, both died before I was in high school. I never got to hear stories from them and so I go searching for them instead.

There were many tragedies in my grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’ lives and I try to remember and honor them (sometimes by setting aside a cup of tea). I have framed photos and displayed them with mementos like lockets, watches, mirrors, keys and kerchiefs and have made dolls (poppets) of my great-grandmothers.[email protected]/7846064226/in/photostream

I have be scanning and uploading all the family photos I can get my hands on have been sharing them with my siblings and cousins. I also have family trees on (though I am no longer have a paid subscription as well as I also have done research farther back to Irish and Scottish clan histories and what not.

Glad to hear! I didn’t know my Mom’s Father…he passed away before I was born. I have 4 different ‘sides’ of family Facebook Private Groups started. Mostly…my roots are Norwegian, Irish, English, German, and French.

Ooo Norwegian, neat! I’m Irish, English (with a background in everything else: Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, French etc) on my fathers side and German and Hungarian on my mother’s side.

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