Your Perfect Tea Stash

What would be in your absolutely perfect tea cabinet/cupboard/stash? When I say perfect I mean your Goldilocks and the Three Bears Not Too Little Not Too Big Juuuuuuust Right amount of tea that you can actually and pleasantly use on a day to day basis, and would fit well into your home and work space.

I already posted mine on the “How much tea do you have on your cupboard right now?” discussion, but will repost for posterity :)

-Fantastic Assam
-Fantastic Chinese Black
-Fantastic “Breakfast Blend” Black tea
-Fantastic “Afternoon Blend” Black tea
-about 6 flavored black teas (including an Earl Grey and Mariage Freres Marco Polo forever!)
-four excellent green teas, perhaps one of them flavored
-a plain organic Rooibos

and one basket filled with odds ’n ends. My Perfect Dream Will Power would have me almost finish a tin before deciding if I wanted to repurchase that tea, or try a new one to fit my category :)

(I still haven’t decided if I want to include white teas or oolong teas in my Dream Cabinet)

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Gander said

-1Breakfast Blend

These would be my staples and then,

-2Flavored Green Tea, one esp. good iced
-1Earl Grey
-1Caramel Flavored Black
-1Chocolate Flavored Black
-1Chocolate Mint Flavored Black
-1Nutty Black
-1Fruit Flavored Black

PS: I’ve never tried Mariage Freres yet, but I look forward to the day I try Marco Polo and Wedding Imperial…

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Jacqueline, your dream stash sounds pretty good to me too, because I lean heavily toward black teas. At the moment, I’m thinking mine would look something like this, if I aimed for 10 as a manageable target number:

-2 Assam
-2 China black (Keemun/other Congou/Yunnan)
-2 Oolong
-3 scented/flavored teas
-1 Rooibos or other caffeine-free

And now I’m picturing myself putting all of these in a big basket and skipping merrily between home and work with my tea stash.:)

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Oooh, a timely topic. I nearly doubled my existing tea stash this week after discovering some local and online vendors. :)

2 fabulous Pu-Erhs, 1 of a fine vintage, the other a nice general Yunnan
Jasmine green pearls (heavenly stuff and perfect when craving “sweet”)
A good, strong Maté for a chocolate fix (in the requisite gourd w/bombilla)
Organic Rooibos (preferably vanilla or bourbon-infused)
2 kinds of blooming teas
2 kinds of standard oolongs – English Breakfast being one

I could get by for a while with those :)

As for accessories? I’d love to have a nice full set of Yixing (pot and cups) and a Gong Fu tray. But until I win the lottery I’ll settle for my Yixing-lined travel tea mug.

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Chad said

My perfect tea stash would consist of:
2 Black (Darjeeling, Ceylon)
3 Oolongs (Bai Hao, Dong Ding Med Roast, Lishan)
1 White (Bai Mu Dan)

I drink tea throughout the day but most of the tea I drink is in the afternoon which I find Oolong to be the best tea for afternoon drinking. With such a variety there is an Oolong for every situation.

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I don’t think a “perfect tea stash” will ever be attainable for me. Right now I’m in the newbie “TRY EVERYTHING!” phase, but I feel that even once I build up a repertoire of favorites, I’ll still be on the lookout for new teas, even if it’s just a few. Besides, my tastes change. In the fall my favorite teas were chai and apple cinnamon and I haven’t had either of those since January.

I’m gonna start calling you thread necro!

I resurrect the dead threads! lol. When I’m bored sometimes I go back down the oldest threads and read them. I only comment if it’s really interesting :)

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