Common Ground: TEA and Pets :)

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momo said

Even though I haven’t lived with him for 3 years now, he was still my pet for 9! This is Tucker, we adopted him when he was a puppy and he’s the best.
My mom broke her ankle about a year ago while walking him, so when she was stuck on the couch with her leg up on the pillow, he took to the spot left on the couch:
He loves squeaky toys, sitting outside watching everything going on, and car rides.

Missy said

Aww so fluffy!

He’s so cute. He kind of looks like a sheltie but also like he’s mixed with something else too.

Awww! What a snuggle bug!

ashmanra said

Oh my gosh! So beautiful, and looks like such a sweetheart!

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Cedes said

I have 2 dogs that are rescued. One is a 3 year old greatdane mixed shepherd named riley and a 1 year old named gracie bell who is a lab mix. They are both huge snuggle bugs. One is 110 pounds and the other is 60 pounds. Sometimes the both try and cuddle in the bed in the morning its cute but jeeze I end up in the corner and they have taken the whole bed.

Isn’t it funny how the big dogs always think they are lap dogs and the lap dogs think they are huge!
My German Shepherd mix thinks she is the same size as my 5 pound Chihuahua:)

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3 dogs and 2 cats!
Dogs are: Jack Russell/Dachshund Mix – Suzie – the Pack Leader, really! She’s almost 12. Riley is a Corgi/Lab Mix and he’s Approx 7. Our youngest is Paco – a chihuahua – 1.5 years. Our cats are Charlie – will be 13 in Jan. Gabby a Persian Mix who is around 8.

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Hehe, well, since I own three dogs and three cats, I guess I am pretty much divided.
But, the fact is, I just love animals, and I abhor them being mistreated.
All of our animals are rescued, our latest rescue is a Chihuahua that was dumped out in the desert because her puppy mill owners were fed up with the fact that she had problems when she gave birth.
She is now currently snoozing in my lap, spayed and living the high life now.
We also own a German Shepherd mix and a Scottie mix.
Two short haired kitties and and one long haired.
And all of them are 100% spoiled rotten;)

That’s so great that all of your animals are rescues. I can never understand why someone would abuse or abandon an animal.

I do not understand either.
I worked in a No-Kill Shelter for 8 years, the cruelty that I saw that a human could inflict on something so helpless really tested my love for humankind.
To have the pure devotion and love of a pet, is truly one of the greatest loves, I believe.

Oh wow, I bet it would be really tough to work at a shelter and see that.

Kally Tea said

Yes, we have to agree, the mistreatment of animals is extremely inexcusable. They only want love (even cats!). Our stray rescued Shi Tzu has a LOT of health problems over the years and the worst has to be her back and rear hips. A year or so ago we actually had a chiropractor come to the house and straighten her back. Sounds silly but it really improved her life and ability to get around. He said her back wasn’t straight and looked like she was kicked “very hard” or something traumatic like that. Just makes you want to go off on abusers.
OK, time for a relaxing herbal…. gotta settle…

Yes, Breath and drink herbals;)
I have witnessed the help chiropractors can have on animals, more personally a horse that was in pain.
I always try to remember that there is more wonderful and caring people than there is ever the evil/hurtful ones.

Yes, I don’t understand animal abuse either. I owned a cat at one point that we bought from a pet store, although he wasn’t a “pet store” cat; the owner of the store just came to open the store one day and found him in a cardboard box left on the doorstep! They didn’t have room for him, so they ended up lining a giant parrot cage with blankets and keeping him in that with a little litter box on the floor of the cage and a water and food dish up on a shelf. Apparently no one tried to buy him or even looked at him until my family came in for cat food and asked about him; when they opened the cage door, he launched himself straight out and into my arms!

When we took him to the vet, we asked about his whiskers, which were really short. The vet took a look and said it looked like they’d been burned. We asked if maybe Lester (that was the name the pet store gave him) had accidentally stuck his whiskers in a flame, and the vet said no – he was burned on both sides, and no cat would ever do that. He’d been burned deliberately, “Probably with a lighter.”

It’s beyond me to imagine why anyone would do something that cruel.

Aww…Poor baby!
I am so glad you took him in.
I bet he thanks you every day for it too.
As Kally Tea says above, all they want is to be loved.

Unfortunately, the dumb bunny licked a light bulb one day and burned his own little tongue…and that was when he became sick with feline leukemia. Poor guy didn’t last long after that. I was upset, but also grateful that he had a chance to come to our home and die having been loved as part of a family. Imagine if he’d developed it after the injury to his whiskers! He probably would have died on the street. :( So at least his passing was relatively peaceful.

I agree, I never met an animal that didn’t appreciate being loved. Although they may have personalities that make them more independent and not cuddly, they appreciate care in their own ways.

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ashmanra said

We had fellow steepsterite Sandy’s two dogs for over a year. When she came home and moved to Texas, we got a rescue pup of our own. He is a mixed breed, about 41 pounds at eight months old, and smart as a whip! He looks like a bird dog mixed with…who knows? His mother was small and looked just like an American Dingo, also called a Carolina Dog.

We also have two Western Three Toed Box Turtles and several Eastern Box Turtles. And fish! Do fish count? LOL!

Hehehe, there’s a breed called American Dingo?

ashmanra said

Yep! Everyone who saw her said, “Wow! That dog looks like a dingo!” There is a study going on now linking them with Australian Dingos and Kuwaiti dogs. They were discovered still living in packs in South Carolina swamps and forests in the 1980’s and were sketched in colonial days living with Indian tribes. I will try to add a link! This is what his mother looked like, but she was mixed with some sort of terrier so looked like this but was very small. Sam is much bigger than his mother!

Okay, so, funny… I always thought dingoes were mottled. Like a light calico, but, you know, a dog.

ashmanra said

I think some Aussie dingos are mottled. Not sure! But the American ones are pretty solid golden yellow. In fact, in the deep south they are just called “yaller dogs.” They have large ears that stick straight up, they are pretty friendly even in the wild, and are pariah dogs, meaning primitive, in that they communally raise their pups, and also regurgitate meat for their pups, behaviors not found in most domestic breeds. Lucy accepted us immediately and let us handle her pups without hesitation. Sam’s sister REALLY kept the dingo look, down to the melanistic mask. But she had floppy ears last time we saw her, though that can change up to about six months old. Our dog mostly looks like a bird dog or Walker Treeing Coon Hound, so I suspect his daddy was a country bird dog!

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Ninavampi said

My Sencha was also abused… But now that she is with me she is spoiled rotten! She had to go through a few surgeries and treatments before she was healed from all of the issues that the abuse had caused her (she even was completely paralyzed from the hips down due to a 4 spinal hernias!!! Thankfully she recovered completely with lots of love and good vets) … but she is healed and my princess now. I can’t imagine my life with out my little French Bulldog!

What a cute name!
I am so glad she healed up from the surgeries to be completely recovered.
Frenchies are so cute!

Ninavampi said

I am glad too! :) I really love all bullies, but Frenchies are my favorite!

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I like cats and dogs but made my home with two cats after Chael and I married. One died about 4 years ago and the other is 15 while acting 3 years old! Going strong!

He’s a very cuddly and clingy cat, like a kitten tends to be. He almost always needs to be touching me somehow. Right now I’m sitting down to a pot of decaf tea, writing this on mymipad, with Jonesy’s chin resting on my right forearm. He’s dozing on and off.

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Well, a lot of you have seen my two tea drinking companions, Rothko and Loki- little black cats we got from a shelter. They have such strong tea preferences that the smell of their favorite teas will wake them up from a nap. If you haven’t seen them already, the Tea Cats page is pretty relevant to this post. In fact, I think some Steepsterite cats are featured from the last contest.

So cute!!!
We have box wars all the time in our house.
People probably think I am the worst at cleaning house because I leave boxes around forever…but I hate throwing them out when the kitties are enjoying them so!

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I guess I should introduce everyone to the Tea Bullie. Lol. Her name is Chuck. Short for Chucka Chucka Chucka Woo Woo!!! This little dog is my life. I do have a daughter 17, and a husband but Chuck is my constant companion. She was stumbled upon by a guy selling her on the side of the road. Last of her litter, and a far cry from fitting the breed specifics. She is my reject puppy. Found the day I put my German Shepard down, she healed my heart. A month later, she was stolen from our yard and ransomed back to us for $650.00! Best money I ever spent. If you know nothing about (English) Bull Terriers, know this: They are the best, the worst, the craziest, dumbest, most intellegent, loving, amazing dog you will ever own that will drive you totally insane. Bull terrier people run in packs and we are fiercely in love with our pups and tend to be a nip on the strange side. Lol
What can I say, but I love Chuck more than life itself. Oh, and she loves everything tea. A perfect pet!!!

omg – my Sammie does the laying-over-you-in-bed thing when he has to go out, sort of like what your Chuck is doing in the first Flickr photo! We call it Puppy Scarfing because he acts like he’s wrapping himself around your neck like a scarf… silly dogs!

This is actually how we sleep some. Here is a different time. We were both out cold. Lol.

Yep, that’s what it looks like at our house too! Very cute!

Your pup looks like such a sweetie! It’s such a crazy messed up world where people will kidnap your pets for ransom. I hope that person was found and prosecuted.

My pup will sleep cuddle right up to my face or the top of my head. I think it’s cause he likes my pillow though. Haha

What would we do without our cuddle buggs?!? :0)

Ninavampi said

I love all bullies! I am so happy you got yours back! Their company is priceless. Cuddles are essential to my well being! :)

Missy said

Oi! Dogknapped! Poor pup. That’s kind of shocking you know. I should boobytrap my house.

It does make you suspicious of everyone. Used to take her out with me everywhere but I was worried people would like the way she looked and follow us home.

We decided not to prosecute because we were afraid of retaliation. It wouldn’t take much to throw a piece of tainted meat across the fence. :0(

Missy said

Aye, I would be wary as well. I’ve been lucky, in that the dog I raised wouldn’t take food from others with out my go ahead.

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I usually have a pug snorting at me and a French bulldog whining at me while I try to peacefully enjoy my tea.

I’ve got two yorkies trying to climb up my leg into my lap. :) I usually end up helping them. One of them has good enough legs that he can jump into my lap. It’s fun watching him do that to guests. Unexpected lap dog! I had a guest who didn’t like dogs so poor Mr. Snuggles spent all evening crying to get at her. He loves new people more than his family. Haha

Ninavampi said

Yay! Another Frenchie! :)

Mr. Snuggles sound adorable!

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