Common Ground: TEA and Pets :)

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Oooh, Ninavampi, I have so many pet/tea moments! 

I love anything fur, but I’m against wearing it, unless it willingly and voluntary wraps itself around me, which happens quite often in this house, the beauty of having living fur around!

I have 2 pets assisting me in all my tea sessions. I have a cat named Pokemon ( she was hyperactive as a kitty, bouncing off the walls!) and a Doberman named Dexter (if you watch the Showtime tv series, you understand the association…but most of the time, my Dobe is a real softy!)

Dexter always sits still next to me, observing patiently the process of making tea. It’s kind of weird, sometimes he looks like he’s “studying”  it.  I think he’s secretly wishing that one morning, he’ll happily wake me up and surprise me with a fresh pot of tea that he brewed himself!

The cat, well she’s a cat.  She jumps on the counter and pretends she’s the tea pot or something.  In her cat brains, she’s probably thinking:  "oh, I’m sitting as a circular shape, just like that pot my mistress seems to affectionate so much, maybe it will do the trick and she’ll pet me instead of that stupid pot??"

Pets are curious and interested in everything you do, so they are part of all rituals, making tea is no exception!

But my favorite pet/tea moment is when the cat sleeps on my lap, the dog at my feet, while I have my faorite tea…

Ninavampi said

Pokemon is a great name for a cat!!! As well as Dexter for a dog! Sounds like you have a lovely set of tea companions!

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I have a Shiloh shepherd who seems to know that tea time =cuddle time! Although I have to be careful because he loves to steal slurps of my tea when I’m not looking. :)

Oh, love Shilohs! good doggy, tea slurps, he knows what’s good for him!

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I have two lovely cats that seem to enjoy inspecting my tea cup fairly regularly – particularly when I’m drinking green tea. Aiden is a 6 year old bobcat/tabby mix (black and grey) and Cassie is a Maine Coon/tabby mix (grey and white). Cassie was a rescue about a year ago and she is pretty small – which could be because of her breed, but also could be due to being the runt or malnourished as a small kitten. I’m thinking Cassie is was about 6 months old when I found her, but I’m not exactly sure.

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I have two cats, Smokey and Lexi.

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I have a cat -a blue tip Himalayan (female) named “Frankinteenie”, a mini black and tan long hair dashsund (male) named “Da WeeWee Griffith” and a “short” term foster (going on 5 months) female chihuahua named “Miss Cheeky Maria Chiquita Banana Chiwawa”

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momo said

Ahhh I just realized I could add to this now! I’ve had Sebastian for roughly 3 months. He’s a parakeet who enjoys lukewarm spearmint tea and chirping like mad when my electric kettle is heating up. Here he is, skeptical of broccoli.

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Erin said

I have a house full of adopted cats & failed fosters. My icon is the last failed foster, Pumpkin (she came with the name).

No matter how bad of a day you have at work, they always bring a smile to your face when you walk in the door at home. No matter how bad of a day you are having with family & relatives, your furry children can always make you feel better, with just a bark, meow, lick, or touch of the paw :)

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