coily said

newbie using teavana tea with breville one touch

Pls help. Im a newbie teadrinker so just treated myself to the breville one touch and a small stash of teavana. My problem: the label on the teavana tea tells me to steep at a specific temp and time but the presets on my breville wants to do something else. Do far I have not had an acceptable cup of tea. Do I follow teavana brew instructions or the breville’s? Thanks for your guidance pros!

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Sil select said

You might try looking up the tea on steepster to see how others have brewed it if it’s in the database. I know I generally start with the tea companies settings and then adjust after tasting it that way – longer steeps, hotter or older temps, sugar etc…

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darby select said

Hi Coily,

I to had the Breville and could not get a good cup of tea. Hubby bought it for me for XMAS as a huge surprise and I had to return it.

What tea from them are you using? I didn’t recall having a problem using the presets as you can adjust that.

My problem was that the tea didn’t steep correctly and tasted mostly of water. There is a way you can tell it to continuously move up and down slowly while steeping. Tried that and it still tasted like water. Tried more tea in it too – so that wasn’t the problem.

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