What is your favorite unflavored black tea?

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david said

I’d have to say i’m a Yunnan King type of guy… love a good Yunnan. (not to self-promote, but we have a great one).

yeah, I’ve noticed that all of my favorite blacks tend to fall into the Yunnan category!

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Twinings Prince of Wales
In search of a milder Darjeeling currently

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Although I’m on a green kick right now and really starting to think it is what’s keeping me from catching all the random illnesses all my non-tea drinking friends and family seem to be getting. I have to say I love our Fujian Congou Black. I’m not a fan of smoky so this one works for me.

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I’m a Lapsang Souchong, or Ceylon drinker. I also enjoy DAVIDs Tea’s Nepal black, but find myself reaching for one of my various Lapsangs, or some Ceylon when I feel like a straight black.

Edit: Had to actually get up and look at what brands my current top choices are, and was too lazy to do it earlier, haha. I’ve been drinking a lot of Murchie’s Lapsang Souchong Extra Choice lately, and Ceylon from Silk Road (the Victoria BC based shop, not the big online company. I really need to expand my Ceylon collection. I have 4 different Lapsang Souchongs, but only two straight Ceylons

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Here are some more I found in the last few months:

the Phoenix Pearls from zentealife.com
Golden Moon’s Sinharaja
Nature’s Tea Leaf’s Yunnan Gold Buds (Just had this one today)

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SimplyJenW said

I currently have a few, but they do change depending on availability and sometimes price:

Teavivre’s Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea- this one has to be the best afternoon pick-me-up. Even my 13 yo son likes this one.

Keemun Mao Feng from Harney & Sons. I am not sure I would buy it at the current price. My tin is at least a year and a half old. My plain black tea first true love.

Tan Yan Te Ji from Teaspring. This one runs a little pricey for my taste. I am hoping to replace it with one from Teavivre (order should be her next week!) Luckily, I have about 200 g on the premesis!

My everyday breakfast tea that I swear was blended just for my palate: Harney & Son’s Malachi McCormick. I cannot get enough of the stuff. The price and the fact that it is fairly easy to obtain by the pound makes it my ultimate staple tea. I could not imagine being without it (as I opened the third pound of it this morning since last Fall…) :)

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looseTman said

Keemun Panda #1 from The Whistling Kettle

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I think the best Black I have had so far was the Zhu Rong, both kinds, from Verdant. They were just so woodsy and robust/creamy and woodsy coco.

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