Cant reply to posts?

I’ve been unable to reply to posts or messages for months now, and it’s kinda frustrating. Anyone else with this issue? I get 503 errors every time I try :-( also can’t log out, which is strange. Have tried on 3 devices. Halp :-P

Edit: also can’t reply to this topic, but seems that I can edit it.

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Yeah, a few people are having these problems. Seems like the admin has been MIA for the most part lately.

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The 503 timeouts have been causing lots of different errors that have been affecting different people in different ways. I get them mainly trying to use the Private Message system, and when trying to log into Steepster (I have to use the “Google” log in rather than the normal “log in box” to get around the 503 timeouts). Other people are having your issue, where they simply can’t reply at all on the message board or they always get the error, can’t log out, etc. They’ve been happening for months now and we haven’t heard a word about if it will ever be fixed or even if it’s being looked into since the admins have been MIA. If you want to log out, though, clearing your browser cache/history seems to do it for me. But be aware you may get 503 timeouts/issues trying to log back in, since that is the problem I had (I had to clear my browser cache/history for an issue I was having on a different website, then couldn’t log back into Steepster because of the 503 timeouts happening over and over on the log in box).

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