Your Own Bags V. Strainers


We at Hugo Tea are wondering—what is preferable, a permanent strainer, or making your own bags (T-Sac, Finum, etc.)?

We’d be delighted to hear your thoughts.


Hugo Tea Team

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BoxerMama said

I prefer a strainer, but if I can’t locate it I have tea filter bags on hand. When I use them I feel wasteful and they don’t give a nice resteep. I would like to invest in a teapot with a strainer spout.

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Nicole said

I use a strainer exclusively unless the tea is a very finely rotovaned tea and would slip through my strainer. I only use bags for that or when I’m taking tea on a roadtrip with me and I will only have access to hot water at convenience stores. :)

CupofTree said

I love this roadtrip with tea idea.. :)

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If these are the only two choices, I’d go with a strainer. However, I’d find it a real inconvenience to be without my breville now that I’ve had one for over a year.

I wish I could get a Breville—but alas, the tea business doesn’t pay that well. :-)

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I have several strainers and teapots with strainers, and I prefer those. But if I’m feeling lazy or am preparing for a large group of people, I use T-sacs.

Thank you kindly for your reply Michelle. What are your choice teas that you brew when you’re enjoying your brit-lit and writing epic prose?

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scottjb said

Depends on the type of tea. For most of my loose leaf, I use a strainer/pot with strainer. For finer things, or anything I’m doing iced, T-Sacs. Generally use T-Sac for rooibos (slip through the strainer), loose mint, and anything else that won’t expand much when steeped. It really comes down to how much I would need to clean out the pot.

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I know strainers are better, and I tend to use them with tea I consider to be of a quality worth the extra effort. But to be honest, I’m really lazy and make most of my tea with filters because it’s so much simpler to do and easier to clean up. I have a strong preference for the Finum filters with the filter stick, because tea expands in them a bit better than in a T-sac.

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Uniquity said

I tend to use my Perfect Tea Mug (with strainer) or a pot with a large strainer but we also keep T-Sacs on hand for teas that are extremely fine OR prone to going bitter. I find lower quality teas don’t get so bitter in a T-Sac as they do when they float loose.

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At work I opt for the filter bags, as it’s easier to use. But if I’m enjoying a leisurely cuppa at home, I’ll brew using an infuser, and I try to make larger pots.

I just purchased this silicon filter thingy I use at work every once in a while for infusing. It’s a bit of a pain to clean and I like to change up my teas after each cuppa.

I’m saving for the Perfect Tea Mug from David’s Tea – I want one with a holiday theme. :)

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Stainer here!

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