About tea tasting themes and details

I wrote a blog post about a small informal tea gathering, extending that to talk about what has worked well at other tastings in different forms. I’ve held a few, and presented about tea in a different form at one, and think I’ll do another short round of all that. It’s all what you’d expect but if you haven’t held tastings some ideas might be helpful.


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ashmanra said

Very good post! I have had very small gatherings for people who are not familiar with good tea but want to learn and try things. I do find that a very small gathering works best for me when there is much to explain, but I have never really tried to do a large gathering. It seems that it could be overwhelming for me.

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I would kind of like to try it just because I haven’t. Beyond 8 people details would have to change a lot if the idea is to use a Gongfu brewing approach. I’ve only done one formal introduction to tea while brewing it too and it was interesting how much demand that put on me doing both at once. Just making the tea and letting conversation run is a lot more practical, but it’s a different kind of experience and theme.

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