Need help! Stuck bamboo tea canister

I have a small bamboo tea storage canister that a family member brought back from china. BUT…the lid is stuck on. I know this may sound absurd that I’m asking for help, but it anyone is familiar with these and/or can give advice on how to get the lid off without breaking it, that would be amazing. Follow the link to the picture. Thanks.[email protected]/7908860016/in/photostream

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I don’t have experience with canisters like that, so take this with a grain of salt. But I might try wiggling the lit back and forth, or maybe trying to slip a knife or something thin in the crack between the lid and the canister. Good luck!

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darby select said

Maybe the wood has swollen? Try cooling it in the fridge?

Azzrian said

Good suggestion!

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Thank you! I was able to get it open with a razor blade with only a minor chip in the process. My mom said the lid hasn’t been open for about 25 years and there was still tea inside from China where she got it!

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I’m curious to know if the tea is still drinkable! but it’s a beautiful tin. Glad you saved it :)

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