Kally Tea said

2-Day Labor Day Sale

For today (Sunday September 2, 2012) and tomorrow only, we are presenting a 40% off on all loose leaf tea purchases at www.kallytea.com

Enter LABORTEA at time of checkout.

This promotion is only for tea, no cups, mugs, makers, edibles, etc. are eligible for this discount.

Good opportunity to prepare for the cool fall evenings.
Cheers to all!
Chip & Sally

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Azzrian said

Thanks for posting! :)

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Oh wow, that’s a great discount! Hmmm…

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Tried to place an order and utilize this amazing deal, but the order won’t go through for some reason. :( Sent you an e-mail about it.

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Kally Tea said

We have had this issue of the shopping cart failure with a couple of other customers and we have notified our web tech to repair this issue ASAP.
Due to this happening, (of course on a holiday weekend!) we are extending this sale through Wednesday night midnight (September 5).
Thank you for participating in our sale. We sincerely apologize for any difficulty you have had completing your orders.
Please rest assured we are working to resolve this as soon as possible.
Chip & Sally

Nik select said

Great response, Chip & Sally. These things happen, and they happen to big, established web sites, not just the little folks. Don’t stress about it, have a cuppa. =) Thanks for extending the sale to compensate for the technical hiccoughs.

Sil select said

Sorry to hear you had issues, glad they’re being resolved. Appreciate the extension :)

momo said

Thank you for the extension! This seems to be the weekend for everything to go wrong, this is a far, far easier problem than the one going on at my apartment complex (no ability to actually call people at the call box for 3 days now!) Hope it’s fixed up soon!

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Kally Tea said

Hello fellow Steepsters,
As some of you may know, we had a technical issue with processing orders after we posted the Labor Day sale. Well, we are pleased to announce that everything is all set from this time forward.
We wish to thank those customers who waited patiently and worked with us through this headache. It is with your help that we were successfully able to diagnose the problem and get it resolved.
We felt bad to offer this sale and then, some of you were unable to fulfill your orders.
As such we will continue the sale through Friday night so those of you who wish to still benefit through this opportunity may do so.
Thank you all for your understanding!
Steepster people are the absolute BEST!
Chip & Sally

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AH! I was so proud of myself for sticking to my tea hiatus and not ordering the shopping cart of tea I had picked out for myself… but now that you’ve opened it through FRIDAY!!! Out to get me, you tea sellers, I swear!

Uniquity said

Don’t look at like that, they’re here to provide sweet tea goodness to satisfy your every need!

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