Verdant Tea Golden Fleece Giveaway

Dear Steepster Friends,
Thank you for making the Golden Fleece one of our most popular and legendary offerings. As many of you know, this tea has finally sold out. However, we saved the last of our 2oz cache for a special giveaway.

All you have to do to enter is sign up for the drawing using email or facebook. Once you do that, you can earn extra entries for referring friends, liking our page, or retweeting. We know that a lot of you help us out all the time by spreading the word and telling friends about what we do. This giveaway is a little way for us to reward all of your sharing.

The giveaway closes on Thursday the 13th at midnight CST. The winner will be contacted on Friday the 14th and sent the last remaining Golden Fleece in our possession.

Many Thanks!

Official Giveaway Page:

22 Replies
Sil select said

that’s awesome! Thanks for thinking of us!

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Azzrian said

Lovely thank you

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Erika M. said

Cool. Thanks!

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Nik select said

Entered! [Fingers crossed] Thank you. =)

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mrmopar said

thanks david!

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What a sweet idea for how to share that last bit!

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Thanks! The only problem I’m having is twitter keeps telling me the tweet is too long.

Nik select said

Two things:

1. It looks like both the link and the link go to the giveaway page, so I reckon one of them can be removed. That’ll fix the character count.

2. The tweet starts with @VerdantTea. This means that only people following you and @VerdantTea will see it. Presumably the intent is to publicise the giveaway, so I would move @VerdantTea to somewhere else in the tweet so that it’s present but doesn’t start with it.

I have a twitter account, but I don’t really know how to use it very well…

Nik select said

Terri, this will fix the character count problem and ensure that all your followers see the tweet.

Nik, you are awesome! : ) So, do I just cut & paste what you’ve written & replace the one that comes up on verdants page with that instead? (Sorry, I’m a musician, not a technician)

OHHHH, I see, it’s a video showing my how to fix the link! You ARE awesome! :D

Kiaharii said

I think there’s an extra space in there somewhere

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Jillian said

Awesome, I’ve been wanting to try some of your teas. Too bad you don’t have Pinterest as I don’t do Facebook or Twitter.

Hey Jillian, although the software for the giveaway doesn’t link up with Pinterest yet, we do have our own Pinterest account which you can check out:

Jillian said

Awesome! *follows *

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I entered my email and connected via facebook…but I didn’t get the custom link to use on twitter…

Never mind got it to work!

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Zeks said

I still have some left so I am not entering :) Better chances for ppl that have not yet tried it anyway.

Although I really hope you do manage to get another shipment :) Seeing Golden Fleece gone for good is just no good.

We are definitely working on it. I might be heading to China soon myself, so I should be able to pull some strings and convince Wang Yanxin to get us a bit more. If I do, I will certainly announce it.

I hope you do, David, as this is one of the teas I wanted to try. Of course, maybe I’ll win it! :D

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