Pekko Teas FREE Steepster Exclusive Give Away!

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Pekko said

Thank you all the steepsters for all your reviews and I hope you received your teas with great excitement.
Three Points to make:
1. Those guys who signed up for the offer initially and have recieved are requested to write to us a complete review of the service as well as product.
2. Guys and Gals who are still waiting for your teas should inbox me ASAP. We still have people who HAVE NOT REGISTERED THEIR ADDRESS ON THE SITE.
3. We strongly advise all members who missed the offer should register their details on the Pekko Teas site ( We will be releasing another crazy offer in next week or two for registered members only!!!

Again Thank you to all Steepsters for your honest feedback (TABASCO!!) and support.

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CupofTree said

I just got your tea in the mail, what a nice surprise, thank you!

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Sil select said

Receive the tea in the mail! Thank you! Will do a review shortly :)

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I registered my info on the website can’t wait to see what’s in store …

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