Pekko Teas FREE Steepster Exclusive Give Away!

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tigress_al said

Signed up, hope it isn’t too late. Thanks for the offer!

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tperez said

Thank you, just signed up
I hope this is still going
I’d prefer a non-flavored green or oolong please :)

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VeryPisces said

I signed up. I love greens!! Nice to find a new tea retailer.

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juwelly said

Thanks for the offer Pekko! :)

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Matt said

Awsome! Signed up and cannot wait!

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I signed up. I trust this is fine. I am not able to pay for things as yet. Oolong and Pu-erh, if possible. Again, I hope this is fine to do. I am poor truly. Thank you.

Hi, I received my Pekko loose leaf tea samples yesterday. Not yet to open it since I must wheedle through some other teas. I am slow in all I do. It will be reviewed and thanks for the sample.

I tried the Darjeeling Mim today and it was wonderful. I like grapes and I have not had any this year and this tea (wine-like) made me want some grapes. From opening the box, to finding that lovely green wrapping with the Pekko logo and then the gold brick like for the tea pouch/bag. Totally amazing. Samples arrive to me in tin foils, plastic sandwich bags, or those shiny alluminum sealed and when you take a photo of it there is your resemblance on peering back at you since the shiny surface reflects. Sorry if not making sense. I like this tea very much. Although not a black tea drinker. I drank it plain and I could see to adding some pure sugar to it and not honey since it would be to heavy for the tea. It is an opinion; some teas are best with sugar and not honey. Honey can make it syrupy in taste and since sugar dissolves, it would not weigh the tea down. I like feeling that I am a part of something; although not a joiner. thank you for having my reviews. I am learning and will get it, perhaps, one day. Review link:

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KallieBoo! said

Hello :) I signed up. I hope I didn’t miss the deadline. Thank you for being so generous!

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Pekko said

Okay guys we have only 10 PLACES for this amazing offer left. DON’T MISS OUT!

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Pekko said

Hi Steepsters,
The tea offer has now ended. We will start dispatching the teas ASAP.

For those who were unable to make the most of this offer please register yourselves on the site so that you can be the first to know about next months exclusive offers.

Feel free to write reviews and give us feedback on the tea and the service.

Thank You for your interest in Pekko Teas and we’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sil select said

Woot! thanks again for this!

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Signed up too late, but am happy to learn of another tea site with whites I’ve been looking for… Specifically I like Panda Pearls so when next tea shopping I’ll look to grab some!

just saying hi, how are you?

I’m well!

thank you for replying. I tried that Darjeeling Mim today. It is a nice muscatel. I want to say muskrat but not of grapes. continue to be well. Happy Halloween by the way, for no reason.

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