Which tea companies do you know are Canadian?

I’m looking for some good tea companies in Canada since many US based companies seem to charge quite a lot for shipping to Canada, although I bet it would be a lot more to other continents. So, which companies do you know of that are Canadian?

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Jillian said

Ooookay, let me see…

Tea Frog – http://teafrog.com/
I haven’t tried them yet but I’m planning on it in the future – they have a good deal on their samplers

Blue Teapot – http://www.blueteapot.com/
This was the place that got me started on loose leaf tea, so I’ll always remember it fondly.

The Granville Island Tea Company – http://www.granvilletea.com/
ZOMG this place is awesome!

Tea Desire – http://www.teadesire.com/

Cargo & James – http://www.cargoandjames.com/

David’s Tea – http://www.davidstea.com/
Another company that I haven’t tried yet, but that I’d like to.

Specifically Tea and Tea Center – http://www.teacentre.ca/index.htm
Specifically Tea is a local tea shop that unfortunately doesn’t have a website. But their supplier is Tea Center and they do have a website (and a larger selection).

Oh wow, that’s quite a list…
I’ll definitely have to visit each and every one of these websites.
BTW Granville Island is such an awesome place to visit…

Jillian said

It totally is, isn’t it? The Granville Island Tea Company is right in the middle of the Public Market, which is a fantastic place to shop for just about everything! :D

tea lady said

Try www.teaandallitssplendour.com, they are Canadian.

I’m Canadian! I am actually about as Canadian as it gets… Competed at the Olympics in ’06 representing Canada and started Teabean about a year and a half ago.

Our product is actually baked coffee beans infused with chai spices. It’s a sweet, yet zesty, caffeinated blend which I have been drinking for years. Here’s a little more info:


I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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AJ said

That’s five more websites bookmarked for me. The only company I know of that hasn’t been listed, besides Murchie’s I suppose, is Tealicious (http://www.tealiciousteacompany.com/) which is a small company based right near my house. I can’t personally vouch for it because I’m a shy individual, and tiny, personal shops make me nervous, so I have yet to visit it.

Jillian said

Dang, I forgot about Murchie’s – and I was just in their Downtown Vancouver store recently too, lol. :D

Tealicious looks pretty neat too.

AJ said

I was in there last week, but my tea budget is spent so I have been avoiding it so I don’t go in for a pot and leave with a tin.

I came across Tealicious because it’s about two shops down from my favourite comicbook shop.

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We’re not Canadian, but sometimes I feel like we are since we have so many customers from there. Helps that we offer free shipping to the US and Canada. How aboot that, eh?

AJ said

And I will take advantage of the free shipping. One day.

BoxerMama said

LOL! I always thought that was such a stereotype. Caught myself saying both today.

Really boxermama? I’ve never heard a Canadian say aboot. eh on the other had is used daily lol

BoxerMama said

It comes out closer to “aboat” to be honest. I don’t even know where it comes from.

Phi said

Newfies? A guy I used to date’s mom sounded like that legitly. She made killer moose and halibut cheeks for dinner tho lol.

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I can understand many American companies have difficulties providing good shipping rate to Canada. I have personal attachment to Canada so as long as USPS allows I will make US and Canada on the same shipping rate.

A Canadian teahouse I like very much is the All Things Tea on Bloor St. West of Toronto. It has warm environment and reasonable price. Their website doesn’t seem to function much for now and their shop is not very much crowded. But I pay them visits from time to time when I am in Toronto. I hope small businesses like this survive, because many other grandiose and fancy teahouses in US, Canada and even China are just too expensive and overpriced.

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Rijje said

Delice boreal… but it’s in Nunavut – does that count as Canada =)
And then it’s a special kind of tea…

Not helpfull I guess ;)

Jillian said

There’s a bunch of snarky things I can say to that, but I won’t. ;P

Rijje said

Heh, I guess you have.
If it’s about Nunavut – then I’am not offended.
And if it’s ignorence – well, I m still not offended.
The only thing I know for sure, is that I don’t know everything.

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Cloudwalker Teas are Canadian! We’re based in the Ottawa area!

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Sherubtse said

Several more of note:

The Tea Emporium: http://www.theteaemporium.com/

Capital Tea: http://www.capitaltea.com/

Camellia Sinensis: http://camellia-sinensis.com/tea/

Tao Tea Leaf: http://taoteahouse.com/

Best wishes,

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Raffi said

There’s also Tealish that I discovered recently: http://www.tealish.com/

Skittlefox said

Love their website!! So cute.

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Feisty said

Wow! Go tea-loving Canada! I’m glad to see we don’t just specialize in the other kind of greenish, dried plant matter! ;)

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Sherubtse said
Message deleted by author.
Sherubtse said

Yeah, didn’t notice it then, so I deleted my post about it. Thanks for spotting this, Cofftea.

Best wishes,

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