Which tea companies do you know are Canadian?

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sga said

From Montreal, you have:

Maison de Thé Camellia Sinensis (building a name for itself internationally)

Other high-end teas:
La compagnie L’esprit du thé-Esprithé

Un Amour des Thés

Cha Guan La Maison du Thé

Ming Tao Xuan

… and, of course, the now ubiquitous Davids Tea

For those interested in supporting Inuit culture:
Délice boréal (Northern Delights)

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teapages said

Aura Teas definitely is. www.aurateas.com They are based in Vancouver. Really nice tea too. Online only.

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There’s also Acquired Taste Tea Co. in Edmonton. They send along free samples whenever I make an order! http://www.acquiredtastetea.com/

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I’m just new to Steepster so I may be very late in responding but I thought I would try it out anyways since I’m also Canadian! A lot of great places are mentioned above…another to add to the list is tea dot: http://www.teadot.ca

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On the weekend I attended a tea tasting by Kizmi Tea.


The tasting was really lovely and featured some great teas and tisanes. There were some interesting herbal blends and the Silver Needle, Dragonwell, and Iron Goddess sampled were all very tasty and fresh.

Kizmi is based in Toronto and is online-only, but also offers tea parties that sound like a lot of fun and tea tastings. Give ’em a look!

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Bumping up to ask if there are any new Canadian Tea Companies? (As the last post was 2 years ago and companies could have started since then, right?)

Not sure that it’s new, but Banff Tea Company (predictably, in Banff) is Canadian: http://www.banffteaco.com/about/

Ha, I just came here to mention the Banff Tea Co. Admittedly, their shipping prices…hurt, but if you are near to Banff enough to swing by, my mother has brought home some of their blends that were quite nice. I particularly liked their chocolate EG, “Jazz Cat’s Meow.” I have a whole list of their teas I want to order when I’ve cleared enough room in my cupboard to make a big enough order for the free shipping ($120 worth).

I haven’t been to Banff in years (I live 40 minutes from Jasper so I prefer to stomp around there) but I’ve been thinking of making a trip down there and this is need to know information! Thank you!

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Kamyria said

Sad to see many of the companies listed possibly closed up because the links are not working anymore…

Being new to loose tea I find this thread very helpful because also quite few of the companies listed are still in business and now I get to try them out. :)

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Lala said

I am glad this topic was bumped up. I was keeping my own list of companies that would offer free or inexpensive shipping to Canada. I went through the thread and checked all of the links. I got rid of the broken links, or those links that did not offer online shopping. I figured it would be easy to put them all into one place. I also added the companies that were on my list.
www.teafrog.com Free shipping over $75 in North America
www.blueteapot.com Free shipping over $99 in Canada
www.teadesire.com Free shipping over $50 in Canada, $75 in US
www.davidstea.com Free shipping over $50 in Canada and US
www.teacentre.ca Free shipping over $100 in Canada
www.teaandallitssplendour.com Free shipping over $50 in Canada
www.capitaltea.com Shipping $7.50 in Canada, $10 US
www.camellia-sinesis.com Free shipping over $50 in Canada and US
www.tealish.com Free shipping over $50 in Canada, $75 in US
www.herbalinfusions.ca Free shipping over $50 in Canada
US company www.teavana.com Free shipping over $50 in Canada and US.
www.sawadeeteahouse.com Shipping $12.95 in Canada, $16.95 in US
www.worldteahouse.ca Free shipping over $75 in Canada
www.tealeaves.com Free shipping over $100 in Canada and US
www.steepstea.com. Free shipping over $150 in Canada
www.teaoh.com Shipping $7.50 in Canada and US
www.aurateas.com Free shipping over $80 in Canada and US
www.acquiredtastetea.com Ship by Xpresspost/Priority post
www.teadot.com Free shipping over $50 in Canada and US,$75 overseas
www.banfteaco.com Free shipping over $120 in Canada and US
www.mightyleaf.ca Free shipping over $99 in Canada
US company www.verdanttea.com Free shipping over $35 in Canada and US
International company www.teavivre.com Free shipping over $35
US company www.persimmontreetea.com Shipping via FedEx in Canada
US company www.dellaterrateas.com Free shipping over $30 in Canada and US
US company www.harney.com Shipping is $15 if purchase $50 in Canada
US company www.52teas.com Shipping to Canada is $3.99 + $0.50 per ounce

Sil select said

you just made my day :)

www.steepedandinfused.com free shipping over 50$
www.majesteas.ca free shipping over 50$
www.murchies.com flat rate 6$ BC; 8$ in other provinces

Lala said

Glad to have made your day

Kamyria said

Wow Lala, Sil, thank you!!! :)

Katiek said

Also Zen tea life in Vancouver:


WOW, thanks for the list and to those who added to it!!!

Cavocorax said

There’s also Specifically Tea, based out of Kamloops: http://specificallytea.ca.

I’ve only had their glacier blend, but I like it. Shipping starts at $11.51 from the looks of it.

Kittenna said

Verdant is now over $40, 4.50 flat rate within the states and 8.50 flat rate to Canada. Thanks, USPS :(

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Fjellrev said

Here in Victoria, there is:

http://www.specialtea.com/ shipping varies from $8.95-30
http://www.silkroadteastore.com/ free shipping over $50, $10 flat rate when ordering under $50 worth

OMGsrsly said

WOO! Free shipping at Silk Road! Last I checked it was $15 to ship ~$10 of tea. So this is good. Thanks!!

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yyz said

I haven’t ordered from either of these companies, but here are two more to consider.

http://shop.distinctlytea.com seems to offer $5.00 shipping. I’m not sure if that price is just for in the area or accross Canada.

Cjay teas http://cjaytea.com shipping is $9.95 in my area, There website is a little disorganized, I think the bulk of there business is wholesale, but their prices are very reasonable.

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