Kittenna said

Verdant 10% Off Coupon??

Ok, maybe I’m crazy, but I swear I got a popup on Verdant’s website a couple days ago to save 10% on an order if I “liked” their Facebook page. I didn’t have time to deal with anything then, but now have an order all ready to go and can’t for the life of me figure out where to find this coupon again! Did I miss it? I already missed out on using my survey code :(

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Sil select said

That pop up has been replaced with the giveaway pop up. AT least as near as I can tell. I missed out on the 10% off as well because I couldn’t get it to come back once the giveaway one was posted. :(

Hey Sil, the message below applies to you to. I didn’t like how those codes went away after a person left the site so we are going to be using that box for announcements like the giveaway. A new system is being tested today and tomorrow for us to replace that Facebook like discount feature. It will be much more user friendly. In any case, definitely PM or shoot me an email through the Verdant contact form and I can get you a new 10% off code.

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Kittenna said

Bah… :( I was thinking that that would be as best as I could do since I missed the essentially 25% off coupon. Such is the problem with being busy, I guess…

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Hey Kittenna,
You aren’t crazy at all. We have been testing a new system to reward people for their social engagement. We had a test run last week to see how it worked, and the mechanics behind it. We ended up deciding that it was a bit intrusive and are using the pop-up to occasionally alert people to any time sensitive things like our Golden Fleece Giveaway.

If you did the Facebook follow and got a coupon code last week, feel free to PM me or email me through the Verdant contact form and I can generate a new code for you that hasn’t expired. Sorry for the confusion.

We are actually working on a cool new system today to replace the Facebook like pop-up that is way more engaging and less..well.. pop-up-ful.
Thanks for your support,

Kittenna said

I have actually already followed Verdant on Facebook for a while now, so perhaps it wasn’t applicable to me? I did notice that when filling my cart up today, I got a code for $5 off for new customers, which I did not note down as that clearly doesn’t apply to me (it may have been my first time on your site from that particular browser, though?)

Thanks for the honesty, but actually the Facebook coupon was set up so that people who already like us on Facebook could still get the coupon. It wouldn’t be fair to those who have been following us for a while not have that benefit extended. I can definitely get you another 10% off coupon. Sorry for all the coupon confusion! I think it is a bit confusing too, and like I said we are just about to unveil something much more friendly.

Sil select said

Thanks for the update on this one David. I ran into the same problems as Kittenna. Looking forward to the new unveiling!

That’s good to know. I have been following you on Facebook but thought that the code was only for those who were new to following you. It’s good to know that those of us who have been following for a while get rewarded as well.

Definitely Invader Zim. The new system will also allow rewards for those currently following, but will make it even more exciting by allowing other actions like sharing articles, etc to help work towards rewards. I will start a new thread once it is deployed to announce.

In the mean time, if anyone else wanted to use that Facebook coupon, you can just email me through the contact form, or send a message on Facebook. I can get you the code.

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