Traveling Tea Box: Group B - round 2 discussion

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momo said

Not sure what’s going on with this one, I accidentally also sent Erika a PM with the wrong address the other day, but I hadn’t heard back from her so the right address was just sent. Yay ability to read.

I’ll let you know when and if I receive it :)

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momo said

I sent Erika an email, so hopefully we can finally find out what the deal is.

Thanks :) Let me know

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I really hope this isn’t lost! I thought I would be less worried because it’s noted at the top of the thread that Erika got the box and it isn’t floating around a post office somewhere.. but Erika possibly could have mailed it? and NOW it might be floating around a post office somewhere? :/ Can you tell I can’t wait for the tea box? ha.
momo said

I’ve sent her 3 messages since last week and haven’t heard back. I don’t think it’s been mailed.

This is unfortunate :(


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Bex said

Can I just say… I am loving everything about this. I’m not on the list and I’m just new, but this… this… whatever this is you’re doing… is totally amazing and making my day…

momo said

Thank you :D If it runs again when both boxes have made a full circle back to me, which will probably be in a few months, if you’ve been active on the site you are more than welcome to join! I had to weed out people who wanted in but never were seen again, though not sure what is happening now sadly with this particular box.

Last time we did the traveling tea box and we had that happen I donated tea from my stash to start a new box – I could probably do that again if need (even tho the box was supposed to come to me next LOL) But that’s ok…I have plenty to share so if you need me to start a new box let me know.

momo said

If you’re willing to do that instead, I LOVE YOU. I’m really short on cash until the next semester starts but I’d definitely send you a box then if it has to come to that. I’m still hoping she replies to me, so I’m gonna give it till the end of the week before we go to that. But three weeks is enough I think.

No worries!!! Just let me know! Yes…give her until the end of the week and then drop me a note either way! I can certainly throw something together – no prob! Do you recall about how many teas were in there to start, by chance?

momo said

18 or 19, the overall weight of the box with the teas was 1 lb, 9 oz including the box itself if that helps.

Cool! I’ll start thumbing thru my stash for about 20

I will also be very interested in partaking in this tea adventure! I’ll be good for it, I promise! :)

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darby select said

That’s really sad though that she did this…it’s been weeks!

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Did anyone trade with Erika in the past and have it go well? Maybe something happened with her.. hope not. I think Steepster should have a sticky thread for any negative feedback from trades. Whoever starts the first post could edit it as comments are added to the thread, just to keep all the mentions for one person in the same spot, like a tally of negative feedback. If the negative feedback adds up, then that would help in deciding who not to trade with. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned this idea here, but I’m not sure where otherwise.

momo said

Yeah next time I’m thinking I have to have swapped with you or you can give me 2 people who can vouch for you as well as being active on the site for the past couple of months, so that covers both lurkers and new people. I hope she’s okay but I’ve been hoping she could at least pop me a real quick email about it.

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momo said

Ok I’m sending one more email and if I still don’t hear from her by Monday, we’re moving on. If she ever pops up again, she can send the box back to me.

And again, let me reiterate, that if something serious goes down in your life where you cannot uphold your responsibility to keep this box moving, let me know. I’ve said multiple times that you can drop from the box or be moved elsewhere or hold onto it longer. I don’t need details, if you can only send a super quick message, I don’t even care. Just there is a responsibility to other people here and ruining the fun for them makes me really sad.

I’m going thru one of my stashes…adding more teas to the replacement box…want me to proceed?

momo said

Yep, haven’t heard a thing still.

No prob! I’ll keep sorting my stash and putting something together.
I’ll PM you in the next few days with some questions :)

It might be too early to ask, but I’m wondering how the new order will work?

Welllll…I was next in line to receive the box, I think, and never did, but I have TONS to share so I can just donate a slew from my stash and try and keep the box going.

Momo let me know who to send it to and I can or if you want me to do something different. :)

I just want to make sure everyone else gets the box (I’m not really worried about me getting it, ya know, just glad I could help)


Very nice of you to do that! I was hoping you wouldn’t be a couple people after me, though, since I already traded with you a while ago and you already tried most of my good teas. :D

Hummmmm…I’m HOPING to put some totally random ones in there! I’m really trying to get a good variety of companies in there as well :)
When you get it I hope there are some you find interesting :)

oh no, I didn’t mean I was worried that YOU would include teas I’ve already tried… I know you have a ton I’d love… I meant if the box eventually got back to you, I would have probably included a bunch of the teas I already sent you. But I’m definitely looking forward to whatever you put in the box!

Oh! NoNoNo! I didn’t mean that LOL Sorry! I meant I hope I put a good variety of stuff in there for the rest of the peeps to enjoy (you included, sure!) I wasn’t taking it that way tho…I guess I just like put varieties in there and hope people get excited, ya know…overall??? And I hope it’s ok with everyone – since I know they are waiting for this box and it was a bummer it got lost somewhere…

oh okay! :D

momo said

TeaEqualsBliss, you’ll send it to Alphakitty. I’ll message you her address! Also no problem if you wait till after Christmas, the post office is ridiculous these days.

Momo – Actually! I have her as my Christmas Swap and we discussed me being late with it (as I have already received her lovely package) I’m going to send her a large® flatrate box and try and put this box in that one and around it put her Christmas Stuff :) She said it was cool with her.

momo said

Ok excellent!

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I’m not in this group, but it is really sad that this happened … I hope that Erica is alright, and I am sorry that the box has gone missing!

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Sorry about the horrible quality photos I took them on my old school iPhone
and didn’t edit them in any way.

I included 20 teas – many/most of them with plenty for multiple swappers. I’ll be mailing to Alphakitty HOPEFULLY by Friday!!!

Feel free to check out my whole Shutterfly Site, too!
And leave me a note on the right hand side bar (scroll down a bit)
Thanks everyone!

ooo… can’t wait! :D

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