Your experiences with spring 2019 teas

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SooTea said

I ordered the following from
- Yunnan Gold: excellent, better than last year. Super fragrant.
- Biluochun: excellent, similar quality to last year.
- Dragon well: great, but not as good as last year. Last year’s taste stronger.
- Jinjunmei: excellent, but can’t compare to last year as I didn’t order.
- Silver Needle: great, as good as last year.

LuckyMe said

Thanks, Teasenz has some great tea brewing videos on YouTube but I never ordered from them before. Another vendor to try.

Ubacat said

Does Teasenz ship from China or US? I’m in Canada and usually don’t order from vendors in US because the shipping is too high. It costs less to chip from China.

Leafhopper said

Thanks for recording your positive experiences here, and I’m glad that the black teas appear to be good. It’ll be interesting to see what others think about the new teas as they drink them.

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