cutea said

Updated dessert tea closet is bare!

Hi all,

Many of my favorite tea shops have gone away and has left me in a tea funk. I love black teas and dessert teas and am looking to spice up my tea choices…looking for recommendations from this wonderful group. I am not a fan of David’s teas so I would prefer recommendations that do not include them. Please help!

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AJRimmer said

Simpson and Vail have my favorite dessert blends. I love their snickerdoodle, blueberry crumble, apple cinnamon French toast… definitely others as well.

I was also going to suggest Simpson & Vail. They succeed especially at dessert and black teas. You MUST try the apple cinnamon french toast! I just finished some Red Velvet Cake from them and it holds up ridiculously well (it was six years old) and it’s a fantastic dessert tea. I’ve really liked most everything I’ve tried from them.

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Ubacat said

Yunnan Sourcing has many amazing black teas at great prices

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Arby said

52Teas is your best bet for interesting dessert teas.

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Where are you located specifically? That would help narrow down company recommendations to what might be more realistic geographically for you (I’m guessing North America though, given the DT reference). Here are some general thoughts though, without taking geographical location into account.

52Teas and A Quarter To Teas would be my recommendations; both have some very lovely options and really tend to nail dessert profiles IMO – the only trouble is that their inventory/teas offered is inconsistent as they both focus largely on limited edition/seasonal blends.

Some other recommendations for specific teas:

1. In The Mood For Love – August Uncommon
This is a straight black tea, but has a lovely natural chocolate note.

2. Noel a Prague – Dammann Freres
One of the best chocolate/orange profiles I’ve ever had. They have lots of other dessert profile options as well

3. Euphoria – Kusmi
Another chocolate/orange profile, but on a roasted mate base.

4. Golden Honeydew – Lupicia
A sweet, candy-like honeydew rooibos tea – one of my favourites.

5. Caramel Popcorn – T By Daniel
Black tea base; a bit more nutty than caramel but still has a lovely profile and sweetness – good w/ milk.

6. Chocolate Dream – Wize Monkey
Technically a herbal tea, this one is a coffee leaf base – though it does have a small amount of caffeine. Tastes like chocolate cake!

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gmathis said

Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro is a perpetual favorite of a lot of Steepsters, and caffeine free (though you’d never know it from the taste).

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