ashmanra said

Europeans - Please help!

I am trying to order the tea called My Lady. A German company responded very rudely, but perhaps it was a language barrier thing and they didn’t mean to be. LOL! A company in Slovenia is willing to sell it to me, but I don’t understand euros and the figures don’t look right to me. It says the tea is 3,50 euros and shipping is 3,50 euros to Northern Ireland.

Then they said to ship to the US would be 4.50 euros. They used a decimal point instead of a comma. Was that a mistake or did they mean to use a decimal? And that doesn’t seem like enough shipping cost compared to what I pay to get things from here to N. Ireland.

Please help this poor in-traveled American understand how much money to send these folks! Thanks! :)

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Erika M. said

I think that they just use a comma as a decimal point.

ashmanra said

I thought so, but then the one price has a decimal in it so I was unsure as to whether that means something different or whether they just hit the wrong key! I am afraid I might end up paying the US equivalent of $50 shipping for $8 worth of tea. LOL!

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Azzrian said

Yikes! I hope you get this figured out on the money! I have dealt with Germans in other areas and they are pretty blunt but also remember they too are communicating via email (which can be emotionless) and they also are working in another language other than their native tongue. If they are just jerks I’m sorry you had to deal with that. Glad you found your tea though! :)

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