What ails you?

So I was wondering what you all drink- tea related for the things that ail you?

I love peppermint tea for when I have a cold.
I also found that Throat Soother from Teaopia is amazing for a sore throat.
Teaopia’s Cold Relief claims to strengthen bronchial health, which I will try (I am prone to bronchitis).
Teavana’s Jinga Citrus Twist is also soothing for a cold.

So what do you take for your illness etc? Menstural cramps? Stress?

Right now I feel the start of a kidney infection. Generally I just drink Cranberry Juice, however I always prefer something with no sugar in it.

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I did not start drinking tea for any medical reason, but I have had no arthritic pain in my right big toe after drinking tea for about a week and a half. I have been pain free for over three months. This was a daily pain I have had for almost two years!!! yea tea!!

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I love Raspberry Leaf for menstrual cramps. I’ve sworn by it since high school. I usually just buy the Traditional Medicinals tea bags, but I’ve found loose raspberry leaves at the occasional local tea store or hippie store (can I mention how much I love hippie stores of any kind? They make me happy) and I find the loose leaves a little sweeter. I’ve grown to love the taste of raspberry leaves, mostly because they work so well so I find it to be a comforting flavour now. They’re pretty mild, a little sweet, a little earthy.

CupofTree said

these leaves sound really good. :)

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Raspberry leaf is great, I love it!! for the purpose mentioned above anyhow :)
I’ve heard Cramp Bark is great as well.
Any tea with St. Johns wort in it is great for when I’m feeling a little down, and I’ve heard that rooibos and green teas help with seasonal allergies.
When I’m sick, tea with honey, mint, ginger, and licorice are my go to options, and if I am at work… David’s Tea Pu’er Ginger works really well. I almost feel as if I’m not sick for an hour or two after!
Oh and Pu’er is said to be great for tummy aches. and meditating.
One more… if I need to stay alert AND calm ie. if there is a big project to work on… Mate is amazing!!

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Teaopia’s Fit Active (which Teavana is keeping, btw), which also contains raspberry leaf for those looking for it.

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I drink Ku Ding Cha for headaches :)

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Uniquity said

I drink mint for everything – headache, cramps, sore throat, cold. Mint is da bomb. : )

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