Can you name all the teas you've had....?

in the last week?
in the last month?
in the last year?
all time!? (if you can answer this one… WOW!)

Okay, so I know it’s practically impossible to name the teas you’ve had probably even as close back as a week. But now I’m curious. Steepster community, what are your top 10 teas all time?

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Azzrian said

LOL not from memory no way. But if I had a list to choose from probably so :)
Cheat sheet!

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No. No way. Do you realize the different teas that I’ve had? I usually have four to eight different teas every day!

Zeks said

Wow, I tend to have a lot of tea daily too but for me this means resteeping 1-2 types :)

Many of the teas I have, I also re-steep. I always re-steep my Oolong teas, at least six infusions, just to see how the flavors vary because I find that I prefer the later infusions to the first ones. I also always re-steep pu-erh and most white teas. Most green teas I will also re-steep. I don’t usually resteep black teas, but occasionally I will.

I just drink a WHOLE lot of tea. :)

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ChaMei select said

I can remember tea experiences that have associations. For example, if I was enjoying a memorable moment say watching TV with someone special or pairing the tea with a great dish (especially if it was a dessert). Right now, trying a dark, smoky black Yunnan and wishing I had some roast duck with it. Otherwise this memory (of being hungry for roast duck) will move into the deeper recesses. I think I’m trying to say is, for me, tea is not just for tea’s sake but rather for the feelings the experience of sipping and tasting give me. Good question. Had no idea I had this much to say.

CupofTree said


It’s funny what we can retrieve from our memory when we try to think back. Memories are great!

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momo said

I might be able to do it for the last week but that’s only because I only had 1 cup a couple days!

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mrmopar said

i try to keep a log so i can just about recall all of them.

Yes, that is what Steepster is for … for me. I log the teas here so that I don’t have to try to remember!

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ugh… let’s see…

Today – Chai rooibos and cheesecake red matcha
Yesterday – yellow bud tea of some sort…
Tuesday – um…. uh… spearmint! and…um…

Okay, that appears to be my limit. haha My memory appears to be terrible. :P

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One week is just as far as i can get — then my memory goes white

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Not at all. That’s what my cupboard and my tealog is for! :-)

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CupofTree said

I probably can. which means I am not consuming nearly enough tea as I should be.

blame that on the florida weather.

Moving can’t happen soon enough!!

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James R said

Morning: Assam SFTGFOP1 from Upton
Lunch/Midafternoon: 2005 Fenqing Pu’erh from Teavivre session
After dinner: Genmai matcha from Rishi
Now: Some peppermint tea from the garden.

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