How to make easy / fast tea?

Hey guys,
How do you make your tea, if you have a quarter of an hour to drink it, but not a full more to just make it?

As a very lazy person, I make my tea directly in the cup where I will be drinking it. Mostly with paper filters, because you dont need to clean them every time you want a cup. They are big cups (about 13 fl oz as you say over there ;) ) from Zeiss glas, as I lived in Jena, where Zeiss glass comes from :)
And I have to say: how can someone drink tea from cups only half as big?

Nevertheless i prefer high quality leaf tea (see cupboard..).

Anyway, whats your preferred teamaking method, if it’s bound to not be wasting too much time?

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SoccerMom said

I heat my water in my tea kettle (Breville Ikon)
Then steep my tea in a tea steeper that fits on my mug not a gaiwan while I do have a gaiwan and sometimes I use it and when I do I just use my gaiwan for months but right now I’m just steeping in a big mug that holds two cups I usually drink two cups at a time come to think of it I think that is why I prefer my mug to the gaiwan!
Enjoyed you pic nice cup!! But I really enjoyed all those tea tins and wondering what good stuff was in all of em!!

See my Cupboard for some of the Teas in the boxes :) Good stuff indeed ;D

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Rijje said

I am such a lazy, impatient, absentminded person that I can’t wait for the water to boil… So I got a Tefal kettle that boil the water “instant”. I put the loose tea in a tea-egg, directly i my big starbuckmug, and press the red button on the kettle.

Tea done. Of course when I have the time and energi, I do more for green teas and whites – but since I prefer blacks, this work just fine.

For a good Oolong, I’m caring a bit more, too.. Stopping time and alike – but with my pc, while working ;)
Since I drink Earl Grey alot, and its very easy-care like your black teas, I’m fine with as near as none extra work :)

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Cofftea said

I go w/ matcha and powdered sencha which is ready to drink as soon as the water is at the proper temperature. If you don’t even have time to heat water, they are both also good cold. If I want a steeped and decanted tea, I go for a Japanese green or Pu Erh have very short steeping times. Keep in mind though, that the 1st steeping of Pu Erh is a rinse so you don’t drink it and have to do a 2nd steep. If you don’t have any time, the Fine T automatic tea maker can be set to have your tea ready for you up to 24 hrs in advance. There’s also thermoses to take your tea w/ you.

Maybe that is why I hate pu erh when I tried it…didn’t know you were supposed to rinse it. I will have to try it again someday.

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at home – metal tea strainer in teapot with 12 ounce mug (the teapot does 2 mugs worth) – boil water in electric kettle, dump in teapot, set timer, on ding pull strainer and then enjoy whenever

at work – paper filter and hot water spigot

SoccerMom said

I do this too. The at home part

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I use smaller vessels mainly because my stomach can’t handle too much tea at one time. For green tea, if I use 2-3 grams of tea and a mug, I end up having at least 15 oz. tea (3 infusions with 5oz. each). For oolong tea, I like it strong, so have to keep the volume even smaller. If I use 5 grams of tea and a teapot of 4oz, I end up having at least 21oz tea (7 infusions with 3 oz. each). That’s a lot of water for me. Sometimes I have to use 2oz. gaiwan so that my belly can hold more of another tea session later in the day. It’s next to impossible for me to have more than 10oz hot tea in just one infusion.
But in summer, I sometimes do cold brewing by throwing a few grams of oolong or green tea in a 17oz bottle of cold water. That’s always easy and fast :D

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Good to hear there is a gadget that can make your water instaboil o_o will be looking for it :D

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Superfast tea time is my 15 minute break at work. We have a water cooler that does hot as well as cold – it’s not boiling but it’s hot enough for most tea. I do herbal blends in tea bags.

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In times of desperation, I suck on a teabag.

wombatgirl said

Hee hee hee! :)

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wombatgirl said

I got annoyed with the microwave at work, and got a cheap electric kettle, so I fill a pitcher with water, bring it to my desk, then boil water in the kettle when I want it. Then I use a Teavana gravity teamaker thingie and filter into my mug. At home, I either do that, or I make up a pot at a time.

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