For tea sellers ONLY

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puravida said

Were can I find loose leaf teas for my shop???
Thank you
Valerie :)

Try internet search for tea wholesalers. Compare prices. When you get bigger you can try importing from the growers directly.

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Have you every been sabotaged by another tea company or any other unethical approach? If so, how did you deal with it?

yssah said

have you been? i feel for you! sabotage may be a strong word but any attack personal or otherwise that hurts – i know i have a choice whether or not to let others make me feel bad by what they do but i still feel bad haha.

what do i do about it? since it is beyond my control, i pray about it. i drink tea. and keep moving. i have been encouraged by many to not give up and i do the same for you.

although i am still so new to matcha, i think it is really cool that you are able to do a lot with it. just hang in there, if not for your own sake, then for ours who want to enjoy your matcha ^^

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