The shipping threshold - how much is too much?

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Rachel said

I have just begun to explore the tea world and as I try out new retailers online, shipping rates have really dictated where I buy from. I have trouble paying more than $5 for shipping but am willing to pay up to $8 if I am really excited about the tea.

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sandra said

only buy from a few vendors I know. Don’t experiment much, taste quite set.
Never ever order(ed) from US or Canada. (Shipping costs to Europe a nightmare, as also customs regulations.. (:)
vendors within Europe, it’s pretty much the same, around 5 euros. (free shipping over 25 euros spent.) free shipping hardly ever, sometimes at cheaper rates.
UK is expensive, around 6-8 pounds sterling (around 10 euros_ no free shipping offered). I use these vendor now and then for bulk buys, because I love their teas and I cannot find them elsewhere.

anything over 10 euros would be a no no for me.

my standard on line shop only charges 2.50 euros per order, no matter how much I order. (teware included)

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Free shipping around 20- 25 dollars of tea is good, and around 5 dollars shipping otherwise. I’m probably never going to buy 50 dollars or more worth of anything besides books (maybe video games) at once, so that seems like a lot.

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