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teagroup and teamap

I’m planning to start some tea tasting sessions with a few friends. Most of them don’t drink to much tea but are quite curious. I hope to get as many people as possible excited about tea and teatasting. This way we could buy small amounts of tea together to taste together wich makes it cheaper and more possible to try more teas, also from online retailers or invite someone from one of the better teashops is the neighbourhood to talk about tea. I was planning to start a with only darjeelings or oolongs because those are the ones I know the best but I’m not sure yet. If anyone has tips or ideas please share!

A second thing is that I would like a map with the most important tea regions (a map covering china-inda-japan-taiwan and maybe Sri Lanka) and than start indication important regions (such as darjeeling, Wuyi Mountains, Yunnan,…) I searched on the internet for maps like that but didn’t find good ones. I guess I’ll make tham myself but I don’t want to forget certain regions because I’m not familiar with all kinds of tea so tips are welcome here too!

Quite a lot all together! I’m delaying the first ‘tasting evening’ allready for some time because I want to be completely prepared but maybe I’ll just have to start it up and see how everything goes and how interested people are. Anyways, all ideas are welcome!

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