tea123 said

Allan Keane

I thought I would create a thread to see if anyone has heard from Allan Keane. I know I have given pu-erh a rest for some time and Allan may have done the same, but it would be good to know he is ok.

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mrmopar said

I have been trying to find him since last November. Right after Thanksgiving when he was moving.
Putting a bounty on him now.
25 grams of 2005 Gouyan Lao Ban Zhang for solid working contact. Phone, email or any such way I can get to talk or email with him.
This tea

mrmopar said

Bounty was claimed.

Sqt said

Maybe drop him a message via his ebay store? https://www.ebay.com/usr/long-island-puerh-teas

tea123 said

The feedback for the last 6 months doesn’t look good. It’s all negative and saying no response. I really hope Allan is ok.

mrmopar said

I am with you. Never been thus long since I talked with him. Maybe three days at the most.

tea123 said

His eBay store says “No longer a registered user”. I think that means he closed the account.

How sad. I’m in the process of moving right now and haven’t really been on Steepster as a result. I know a few Steepster folks know my e-mail but if anyone should ever need to get ahold of me, it’s just my username on here, all one word, lowercase, no punctuation, at Google’s e-mail service. I really hope he’s okay and that someone knows some way to reach out to him…

LuckyMe said

I reached out to him on Instagram recently but didn’t hear back. He used to be pretty active on IG, but I haven’t seen any activity from him since November. He stopped being active on his eBay store around the same time. Hope he’s okay too.

I talked to his brother in law and he’s got no contact information. If he comes back this may get awkward for me, but I just want to make sure he’s okay… it’s one thing to disappear on Steepster but to abandon a Ebay shop has me kind of worried that something serious had to of happened. Some serious investment there I couldn’t imagine someone just abandoning with no word.

I’ve got updates but it’s best we leave this be and assume hes no longer coming back here.

Rich select said

Can you tell us if he is ok, or not even that? I understand either way.

mrmopar said

I think he is ok but on another path at the moment. I sure do miss the interaction we had for the years I knew him.

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