goodTea said

What does Adagio add to its teas?

I just tried Adagio’s Decaf Apricot and Honeybush Hazelnut teas. They are very strongly flavored. I want to find out how these flavors are created. Does Adagio simply add real apricot or hazelnut to the tea? Or is the flavor created by some “natural” or “artificial” flavoring additive?

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Cofftea said

To get the correct answer, I suggest going right to the source. Use the Live Chat on their website.

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Shanti said

I think all of the flavored blends have “natural”/artificial flavoring added to the black tea, and some of them have additional pieces of lemon rind/hazelnut pieces/flowers/dried fruit/etc. But the flavor is mostly coming from the liquid flavoring additives.

That being said, my two favorite Adagio flavored blacks are just flavored with flavoring and don’t have any “solid” pieces in them—cream and caramel. :)

Cofftea said

The caramel doesn’t have caramel pieces in it? :( Good to know.

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