Dead tea blogs

I’ve been searching for tea blogs and a lot of them have been inactive for a long time.I wonder why? Have you abandoned a tea blog of yours before?

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Ours isn’t dead!

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My blog has been at low metabolism in the past a few months. But no, I’ve never thought of abandoning it :-D I also know a few other tea bloggers who had to leave their blogs for a while and then came back. It’s all about the priorities in the life.

But my Chinese blog is semi-abandoned at this point. I think having active conversations with readers and focused topics (such as tea) are big motivations for the blog. For my Chinese blog, it’s about everything and nothing, and is only read by a small group of my friends, so I feel it’s not much different from personal journal and wouldn’t feel it’s hard to terminate it at any moment.

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Lynxiebrat said

Any thoughts I’ve ever had about having a tea blog disapeared when I joined this site. Having the tasting notes to post and read keeps it simple for me, as well as the enjoyable discussions here on the forum to peruse and join in. Though every now and then I do like to read a tea blog, but most of my blog reading has to do with other topics, and my own (non tea related.) has fallen to the sidelines since I got my own laptop.

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Mine’s not dead either – although I was on a hiatus as I battled an illness this summer.

I feature CelebriTEAs – fellow tea fans who blog about tea. If you’re interested, PM me or email me: [email protected]

You should feature the SororiTea Sisters. :P

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My tea blog is newly and dead yet it is current for September, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? More demise my way. I seem to have a mole in my life; all of my life; what I do, another has done and can redo at blink of eye.

I mean I am wasting my time, since I cannot win.

Happy Teas.

Babble said


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