LuckyMe said

Tea Tumber recommendation

So I use a glass tea tumbler ( for bringing tea with me to work in the morning and the metal strainer taints any tea that I brew in it. It imparts a metallic taste to the tea that’s especially noticeable with lighter teas like greens and oolongs.

I started searching online for other tumblers but all of them have a similar metal strainer or basket. I wish I could find one that’s all glass or ceramic like my Aliexpress grandpa brew mug (very similar to this one

Does anyone have recommendations for a quality tea tumbler with a non-metal or high quality SS infuser that doesn’t impart off-flavors to the tea?

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Lumpkin said

I have two cups that I can recommend to you. If you don’t mind, you can check it out. They all have filters and they don’t change the taste of tea.

LuckyMe said

Those are very nice infuser mugs but I was actually looking for a thermos type bottle that can be used to carry tea around with me.

After scouring Amazon, I settled on this one:

It’s also got a metal infuser, I’m hoping it’s better quality than the one I have.

LuckyMe said

Update: ended up returning the tumbler to Amazon. It was heavy for a glass thermos and the infuser’s release mechanism didn’t work well. Got this ceramic interior tumbler instead ( and it’s great…no more metal taste in my tea!

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