I was pouring boiling water from my kettle to the teapot and I missed. I got my entire hand. I held it under water for about ten minutes.It still feels as if my hand is on fire. What do I do?!?!

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Uniquity said

Ice, aloe and/or burn cream? I’m so sorry!

Raritea said

This is my suggestion as well. The Aloe Vera (either from the plant or big pump bottle) will help to soothe and heal. The ice will prevent your hand from feeling like it is on fire. I really hope that you feel better soon! From my experience it takes a few hours for the pain to subside.

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Zeks said

Soap. There are also specialized ointments for such cases but i usually just soap it and wait it out.

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Really? I’ve never heard of using soap for burns. Thank you! I’ll go try that now.

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I am a big fan of the ER. If your hand starts to blister or you aren’t sure if it’s healing properly please take yourself to a doctor. It’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Claire said

Seconded. Aloe and burn cream help, but if it blisters at all go to the ER.

Thirded. I tend to underestimate injuries. The ER really is your best friend in this case.

Kittenna said

My roommate spilled a kettle of hot water on her arm a few months ago. She tried to deal with it herself, but ended up having me drive her to the ER, where they gave her proper bandaging, painkillers, and whatnot. Boiling water gives awfully bad burns…

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Scott B said

I’d use aloe vera gel. You can find it at any Walgreens type drug store.

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ChaMei select said

Lavender essential oil and keep the burned skin well hydrated with something like Cetaphil or Sebamed lotion.

Lesli said

I’ve heard lavender works miracles if put on soon enough! I conquer with ChaMei . Feel Better soon!

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if it’s blistered, keep it super clean and covered as it’ll be prone to infection if the blisters pop.

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momo said

Honey works well. It’s too late for immediately but I always put it on burns right after they happen and it’s amazing how it’s like nothing ever happened. Works when you burn your tongue too.

Babble said

LOL – at first I read this like, “Honey, it’s too late..” and I thought, “That’s a little rude.”

momo said

hahaha oh I love the times my sentence writing skills just seem to vanish. Totally didn’t even realize that’s how it looks and now I cannot unsee so I have to edit it!

OMG really?! I burn my tongue on tea so often! I gotta keep this one in mind.

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kOmpir said

Try applying thin layer of toothpaste on the burnt area. It will calm the burning sensation.

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Zoltar said

From someone who burn itself a lot ( im clumsy) i keep a aloe plant just for that purpose it work really good

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