Short business leave = free stuff for customers!

Hey all! I will be heading out on a business trip to China on Monday morning – so if you want to place an order, please make it before midday on Sunday so I can mix it for shipment before I leave.

All orders made while I’m gone will get a free tea sample of their choice.

All orders made BEFORE I leave will get two free samples OR one ounce of Golden Sunrise Tea (a DELICIOUS keemun)!

This does not include sample-only orders, sorry!

I will reopen on the 5 of October and all orders will ship following the weekend, on the morning of the 8th.

Thank you all — hopefully I can get some great new product offerings while I’m there!


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Sil select said

I’m probably suffering from Lack f oxygen from being at the gym but did you ship to canada? I didn’t happen to be able to find it online.

shipping is quite expensive though :(

Yeah :( I ship within the US through USPS. Do you know of a cheaper international shipper?

I’m uncertain of that. Most stuff I get is usually through USPS.

Just looked it up…if i send it in a flat-rate envelope, i can get it to Canada for 11.95 – which I’ll cut down to 9.95 for the time being. Give me about 20 minutes and i’ll have that pricing updated :)

you are FABULOUS! now to remember which teas I wanted.

:) All in a days work! Haha. I’m changing it right now, was outside doing this :P

Well that looks like fun, but I am certain I would smash face first into the ground!

It happens all the time! Haha. :)

Okay, it shoulllld be updated now. I’m double checking it at the moment.

EDIT: Yep, it’s up and ready to order! I didn’t realize that international flat rate was actually cheaper to Canada than everywhere else so I made a specific price sheet for Canada.

Wonderful. Thanks for that. I will have to order tomorrow I forgot my purse at work.

Sounds great! I look forward to it! :)

Nik select said

Whoa. My favourite parts of the video:
- About halfway through, when I was finally able to unclench and breathe, no longer terrified that you were going to cut yourself in half.
- That bit when you rode the tramprope (trampoline + tightrope, natch) like a mechanical bull for a second. =]

(I see by the related videos in the sidebar that it’s called a slackline, but I like tramprope better.)

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I sure do! Yes, it’s not listed, I’m working on a shipping info page. Cheers!

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Azzrian said

Is that you in the video?

Yep! :) Thanks for subscribing! :D

Azzrian said

Thank you … awesome vid! Will look around some more when I have time. Your quite limber … I was thinking … Oh wait never mind not the forum for that. :)

Haha :D

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Do you only accept PayPal?

I only go through paypal, but there is an option to check out with a credit/debit card on there if you don’t have a paypal account.

Perfect, thanks :)

No problemmmm! I’ll contact you after you place the order to see what samples you want :)

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I saw yesterday that Smores is seasonal now… so I might order when that is available. Also, are there any plans for a Smores tea made with a smokey black tea? I know the current Smores is rooibos.

I’ve thought about a black tea version…not sure. The current one is smoked though. Did you see the Honey Graham Cracker?

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Ordered…. YAY! made a boo boo on my order but whatever haha

By a boo boo do you mean to your wallet? :P

Got the order, what would you like for your samples?

Lol kinda. No I accidentally ordered two ounces of honey graham.

I would like The sleeping Bear Blend and Manistee Moonrise

Ahhh, well you won’t regret it at only $1.75 :)

Will blend those up and add em in for ya!

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I ordered! Could I have the golden sunrise tea please?

Sure can! :) Thanks for the order!

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Lynxiebrat said

lol….cool a Michigan tea company! The name of Sleeping Bear and Manistee caught my eye then I looked at your website. I might be able to make a purchase with your company in the next few months. ENojoy your trip to China. I know, it’s a business trip, but no one says you can’t have fun on a business trip!

I just creeped your profile, and saw that you live in Royal Oak? I just moved to the area, we live in Sterling Heights currently but we go to downtown Royal Oak all of the time.

Michigan rocks :)

And yes, I’ll definitely be enjoying my trip…it’s more fun than business, actually…I’ll be doing some tea stuff but I’ll also be walking a slackline 30 ft above the ground for an event for Vibram Five Fingers shoes :)

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The store will be closing in 3 hours! Get your orders in for the free samples if you haven’t already! :)

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