KittyKat88 said

How to do a tea swap?

I am new to steepster, and I can already say that this community has opened me up to several tea sellers I had never ordered before! Oh, the pain that will ensue on my wallet…cringe. Well anyway, I really wanted to do some tea sample swaps, in order to try some new teas and let others try some teas that I had. My questions are:

1. How to initiate a tea swap
2. How much to put in a tea swap bag (a few tablespoons? More?)

I am not wanting very specific products right now, I just want to try new things. Especially things by verdant tea, Davids Tea, and Teavire, since I am new to these blends. Thank you so much for any help you might give me. :)

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Well, I guess what I would recommend doing is to spot someone that you’re interested in swapping with, make sure that you’re following them and that they are following you, and then contact them via private message and tell them that you’re interested in swapping, letting them know which teas you want to try, and find out if they’re interested in swapping with you.

As far as how much tea you put in the swap, why not ask the potential swap partner how much they would like to receive. I personally prefer it when I get smaller amounts, because I already have a lot of tea so I don’t need a lot more of it.

Just jump right in! Most of us don’t bite! :)

Azzrian said

“Just jump right in! Most of us don’t bite! :)”
UNLESS you ask us to :)

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Dinosara said

The other thing to do is look at this thread:

Start at the back, because people who posted things at the front might not even be around anymore! Look for things that you’re interested in, and ask if they want to swap! People are looking for people to take the things they listed off their hands.

I second the advice on asking someone if you’re unsure. People usually do enough tea for a couple of tastings at least, but some do up to half an ounce. You’ll get the feel for it!

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Generally in a swap I like to swap for equal amounts. Even if its in the form of more than one tea. Say I send 1oz of one tea, I love getting say four teas that equal 1oz.

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Lynxiebrat said

What if some of the tea is fluffier then another type of tea. like if it has chamomile in it.

Then I try to do a per cup basis. I try to let the person know how much I am sending them.

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Kittenna said

There’s a swap etiquette thread around somewhere – probably has many helpful hints! Can’t recall the specific name right now…

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Courtney said

Hi :) I just joined Steepster and I have a few Davids Teas I’m looking to swap if you’re interested. Just not sure how it works haha. Thanks!

Hi Courtney, I don’t know if you’re still interested but I’ve got a few teas I’d like to swap too! If you’re still keen, send me a message! Thank you : )

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Lynxiebrat said

You can also try give away threads too. Those are helpful to trying out new teas. There is a large on going thread that is called ‘Take it away’ look towards the back for new replies. Check it often, as the offered stuff tends to go quickly.

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I’m glad someone asked this question.
I took a cue from a program I used to participate in (Foodie Penpals) and I followed the same format. I set up a tea-swap signup form on my blog & you’ll get paired with a random tea buddy. I hope to have it each month.

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