Common Ground: Horror Movies/Books/Games/Music/Conventions/Etc.

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Dax said

Question for you guys. What medium of horror do you find scariest. Books, Movies/TV shows, Video Games, Music?

I don’t find music scary, and books can be creepy, but have never given me nightmares.
Movies/TV Shows used to give me nightmares, but not anymore since I am desensitized. Video Games however still scare the crap out of me. I think it is because I am I’m controls of the character and what is going on.

What do you guys think?

Definitely movies, although it has been a VERY long time since I’ve been scared from a movie. The last movie to really scare me was The Exorcist. I have been disturbed by a few since, but never really scared, unless it pertains to psychopaths breaking into your house, for some reason that is the only thing that scares me.

Kevin Bacon creeps me out, there is something about his voice, so anything he does frightens me.

I’ve only been scared of one book and that is “It”, I’ve seen the movie and it does nothing to scare/ creep me out. But the book, I can’t finish reading it.

I don’t really play video games. but do you remember the board game “nightmare”? That game scared me.

DaisyChubb said

Kevin Bacon is scary for the same reason Gary Busey is (to me anyways lol). They just are!

I think video games are the scariest because I actually have to watch the screen when I’m playing. I can look down at my drink when I watch a scary movie! Just sayin… lol

Nik select said

Video games, hands down. It’s because there is the illusion of control and the immersion/first-person experience that comes from controlling a character (like you said). I mean jeez, Silent Hill? Fuggedaboudit.

For me, its all about the atmosphere at the time. Video games don’t scare me but probably only because I can’t play first person shooters. 10 minutes of those and I will be violently ill from motion sickness. I’ve had creepy music, movies, and books terribly scare me. It depends on my mood, whether I’m alone, and if its at night. I have some great terrifying music (most of which are experimental or classical) but it does take something special to really scare me.

Here is an example of music I should not be listening to at 4am alone: Nurse With Wound or Lustmord

I was reading this one book alone in my cabin at night on a cruise while there was a violent storm and it was so creepy but I was reading it at the beach in the sun with lots of friends and it just wasn’t creeping me out at all.

ToiToi select said

Game for me too. I think it’s because I’m in control… I have never gotten scared of movies or books but games, yea…

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StaLLZee said

I am a big chicken – can not stand horror movies! Tried watchin some of the most popular ones and i can just not take it at all, wayyy too scary. One time a pal of mine tried to have me watch the Shining! NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

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I love all things horror. Butiki Teas I own A Tale of Two Sisters I love that movie. I am a huge fan of foreign horror, american horror really fails sometimes but there have been some shining moments. (ha see what I did there) Also a huge Stephen King fan I have every book he has ever written.
I also try and go to all the horror movie festivals that they have in our area here in socal. Which means having to go to Los Angeles which I am not a huge fan of but for horror I will do it.

Also I have been watching AHS and I am loving the new season. I love Jessica Lange as Sister Jude and Lily Rabe as Sister Eunice they have both been amazing so far. The casting for the show has been superb. I can’t wait to see where this season ends up.

Yay, another person who has seen A Tale of Two Sisters! Hahaha.

AHS has been pretty good season. Definitely, some great actors.

Yeah I love A Tale of Two Sisters. I can’t believe how messed up the american version was. Why is it so hard for people to remake foreign movies? Or why can’t companies just re-release the originals here? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it people geez. Haha

I had no idea there were so many other “A Tale of Two Sisters” fans out there. Did anyone else find that movie confusing? I had to read an explanation online to make sure I understood all of it (what was real and what was not).
I want to recommend a film to anyone who enjoyed “A Tale of Two Sisters.” It’s another Korean film, but it’s not so much a horror movie as it is a suspenseful drama/psychological thriller. It’s called “The Housemaid” and was released in 2010. I’d love to hear any other recs anyone might have for Asian films.

Infusion_Susan-I didn’t find it confusing but that may be because I’m used to David Lynch movies. I saw the Housemaid. Thought it would be very different than it was but still really enjoyed it.

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teataku said

I am also picky about my horror. One of my favorites of all time is The Haunting, the one with Matthew McCaughnahey (sp?) and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Next to it is The Skeleton Key, which was filmed and set in my home state, and then The Others, and a few others. I also like some foreign horror, but most of it ends up being more sci-fi, like Blood: The Last Vampire. Rather old, I know, but I really don’t branch out too much. I think the most recent horror movie I saw was From Hell, a Jack the Ripper story starring Johnny Depp. Pretty good plot, I thought. And definitely creepy.

Teataku, have you seen the anime series, “Blood +”? I thought it was even better than the movie; you get to really see the character of Saya change and grow through the episodes.

teataku said

I haven’t yet! It’s been on my “to watch” list for what seems like forever. I just haven’t got around to it. I did, however, read the novel, which didn’t quite have the same feel as the movie but was nonetheless a very riveting read. It homes in a lot on Saya’s psyche as well, so I will probably like the series very much, if I ever get around to it. Which I will! Sometime.

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Lance and I were watching some stupid b-movie on netflix called Hansel and Gretel(Not the new Witch Hunters but some other cheesey one lol) and I noticed that at the Gingerbread House there was a whole wall of Tazo and Stash Teas behind the counter, Too bad it was a horrible movie they should have stuck there teas in the New Hansel and Gretel movie instead lol.

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Going to see Evil Dead tonight! Anyone else fans of the Evil Dead movies?

DaisyChubb said

YES!~ Oh man, jealous!!! You must report back with how it is

Love Evil Dead! Let us know what you think of it. I’m excited for this one and the Amy of Darkness sequel coming out. The hubby and I usually wait a bit to see a movie in the theater so we probably won’t be catching it until late next week.


Yeah I love it now they’ve started doing two “midnight” showings. They have one at 10pm and one at 12am. I love it cause I don’t have to stay up as late and it spreads out the crowds.

david said


I loved it! I liked how they did the story and the gore was awesome. They did very minimal if any CGI which is awesome. I’m so sick of CGI so this was a breath of fresh air. But if you can’t handle gore don’t see it there is a lot of it haha.

CheshireEyes-Nice! I too am not a fan of CGI, so that is good to hear.

david said

It was amazing. GO SEE IT.

Did you stay until after the credits David? Pretty groovy I would say ;-)

david said

Yes, although I could have loved to see Bruce talk to us more.

I agree. All hail the King! :-)

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DaisyChubb said

Oh man, I’m participating in the Horror exchange (like a secret santa) on RedditGifts … my santa preordered me Dr.Sleep – the new Stephen King book out in Sept! AHH!

Also I’ve been watching a lot of horror movies lately. A Tale of Two Sisters is in the queue :)

A horror exchange sounds awesome! Oooh, if you watch A Tale of Two Sisters, I’d love to know what you think of it.

Yay Dr. Sleep is the sequel to The Shining. I can’t wait for it to come out!

DaisyChubb said

Yep – the Shining is easily one of my favourite SK, it’s just perfection. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

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Emily M said

I’m a little picky about my horror movies. I don’t find extremely gory movies scary (or entertaining, for that matter). I tend to find realistic horror situations the most frightening – serial killers seem more terrifying to me than monsters/zombies/vampires. That being said, well done ghost/haunting movies can really freak me out. I love both The Orphanage and The Devil’s Backbone by Guillermo del Toro – I also like Pan’s Labyrinth, although I wouldn’t call it “scary”. I thought The Others was good too. Tale of Two Sisters and Ringu scared the crap out of me when I watched them – I personally think the Asian horror market is way ahead of the American one right now. Ours is focused on zombies, macabre/torture porn, and increasingly lame sequels and re-makes of things made before (aka stuff that repels me or I find lame).
The Shining and Misery are two “horror” movies I enjoyed, too. Monster movies, though? Nah. Nightmare on Elm Street, the Jason movies, anything alien related… just not my cup of tea. Not that some of these movies can’t be good or entertaining, but they definitely don’t scare me.

DaisyChubb said

You’ve got good taste Emily! I’m definitely not a fan of the torture porn genre in NA either :B ugh.

Emily M said

Yeah. I don’t mind a little blood/gore (in the horror genre, it’s to be expected) – but movies like the Saw series…no thanks.

I love both the Orphanage and The Devil’s Backbone. Two of my faves :-) Did you see Shutter? The original Thai one not the american remake

Emily M said

No, I have yet to see that. Would you recommend it?

Wow, are you my long-lost twin? It sounds like we have the exact same taste in movies. I adore anything by Guillermo Del Toro (just got around to seeing an earlier film of his, “Cronos” — have you seen it?), and “A Tale of Two Sisters” creeped me out big time. Lately I’ve branched out into Korean horror/suspense/revenge movies such as “Oldboy,” “The Chaser,” “The Man from Nowhere,” “Spider Forest” and “I Saw the Devil” (that last one was so incredibly bloody and brutal I had to look at photos of kittens on the Internet for two hours afterward, so that I could go to sleep that night). I’m not put off by violence if it makes sense in the context of the film and isn’t purely gratuitous. What are some other ones you like, even if not horror?

Emily M said

Infusin_Susan – Haha. Movie twins!
I haven’t seen Cronos yet. I’ve been meaning to.
Other movies I enjoyed were The Sixth Sense (it actually did creep me out the first time I saw it) and Seven, too. Poltergeist used to freak me out when I was little – I admit it still does a bit. Pretty much any well done psychological thriller/haunting/psycho movie is a go with me.

Some of my all time favorite movies (with The Orphanage, Devil’s Backbone, and Pan’s Labyrinth included) are Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” and “Rear Window” (I also found “The Birds” terrifying – but that’s probably because I’m afraid of birds). Others include: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Fight Club, American History X, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Big Fish, The Goonies, The Sword in the Stone (Disney…I don’t like a lot of older Disney movies, but I ADORE this one), and anything Monty Python related, especially Life of Brian and The Holy Grail. I have a pretty extensive movie collection with most being my favorites (that’s why I own them), so I don’t want to list them all. But I like a wide range of movies.

Yes I would recommend Shutter it’s a good supernatural/ghost story movie. Definitely see the original not the awful american remake.

Emily M said

CheshireEyes – Thanks! I’ll definately be checking that out! =)

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I can’t watch scary movies at all. At All. I used to be able to, but the only thing I ever watch on tv anymore are crime dramas (every once in a while) and anime, so there’s a sensitization issue there I think. For completely unrelated reason I can’t watch chick flicks either or any movie SO MUCH vicarious embarrassment for them that I have to walk away.

david said

aww… horror is my fav

Dustin said

I hate movies that deliberately try to pull on your heartstrings and chick flicks seem to do that, so I’m with ya there! I also can’t stand bank robbing movies. They all go bad in the end and I just want to scream at the characters telling them how stupid they are being. They make me uncomfortable.

I empathize with the characters to such an extent that if they do stupid things I have to stop watching. Especially emotionally stupid things.

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Glad to see there are other horror fans on here! :D

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