Common Ground: Horror Movies/Books/Games/Music/Conventions/Etc.

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ToiToi select said

I love horror! When I was in junior high I used to spend all my summer just watching horror movies after horror movies…. lol Not anymore though, since I don’t really find it as surprising? I think people started lacking in creative ideas. (or maybe I watched too much)

So far, I like Korean or Japanese horror. I haven’t seen much chinese horror movie – thus hard to find – I think Korean movies do decent job, japanese can get very weird… American horror movies, no offense but it fails a lot for me.. I think it’s because most of american horrors are about monster attacking you or seriel killer coming after you and these don’t really scare me. But I have seen good american horror movies!

So far my favorite ones are
- cube
- Dawn of the dead
- Tales of two sisters
- Phone
- curse of the golden flower (not sure if this would be considered horror)
- Shutter
- Resident Evil I
- Psycho
- Shining
- Rosemary’s baby

As far as game goes, I’ve played silent hill, resident evil, Rei Zero (fatal frame) I love all three but I have to say my favorite was silent hill 2 and rei zero 1&2.

Zephyr select said

I love Cube!! I actually really like the prequel Cube Zero. I actually found an interesting chinese horror movie about a woman willing to do anything to get in this one apartment complex since prices there are so high. She had put an offer on one but it fell through and its what she is willing to do to get in. Its called Dream Home.

Dustin said

I saw Cube AGES ago in the theater. It is one of those movies that sticks with you forever! I randomly think of different scenes in it and wonder how they all got abducted in the first place.

ToiToi select said

CheshireEyes: I don’t think I have watched cube zero – I watched cube 2 and was really disappointed so I don’t think I bothered with it.. maybe I should watch. I’ll look up the dream home :)

Dustin: Wow, you watched in the theater? I watched in when I was in junior high I think.. I think it is very well-done for low-budget movie! :)

Awesome! I’ve just added to my Netflix queue, thanks to all the recs in this thread. I am looking forward to spending the evening with a couple of Asian horror movies and a hot cup of tea :)

Dustin said

I was living in Sydney when I saw it. I’m not sure if the theater showed new releases or re-runs, but it must have been 14 years ago. It is really impressive for low budget, but when you think about it, it must have been filmed in one small set. I saw Cube 2 once and remember it being lame.

Zephyr select said

Yes Cube 2 was awful. But Cube Zero was actually a lot better.

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Soooo I just finished up my horror exchange on reddit… it’s like they knew me my whole life! Look at this tea mug!!! ahhh!

I just had to share with my horror loving steepsterites <3

Wow, awesome!

Zephyr select said

That is so awesome! I would love to do an exchange like that!

Dustin said

Nice score!

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I love horror movies too and turned out to be a lively and discussion – fortunately.

However, as a new tea enthusiast checking out Butiki Tea – I delayed my order until I investigated the content of the thread.

A tea company having some “horror do to some lack of common ground” with presumably its customers was concernful. You can understand how the tiltle could be misread as as Horror Story by the newbie! :)

This speaks to the potential downsides of off topic discussion. But perhaps naming the thread

Common Ground:Horror Movies

would have eliminated misunderstanding by those new to the group? or to those finding thru a general search engine?

Very happy I read the discussion and had my fears allayed – as I did end up buying some very wonderful teas from Butiki! And I learned more about horror movies too!

Good point! I changed the title.

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Ichabod said

My boyfriend is a HUGE horror fan, so as a result I am now finding myself enjoying them too! (I was the girl who would hide in another room everytime scary movie music would come on… now i just hold a pillow or plug my ears.

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Lynxiebrat said

For psychological horror fans I would suggest Hard Candy. Its with Ellen Page. It doesn’t get truly gory…just makes you think it.

Another I liked is The Haunting Of Silver Falls.

Zephyr select said

I love Hard Candy. That is a really good movie.

Uniquity said

That was the first film I saw Ellen Page in (shortly after it came out). We come from the same province so it was really cool to see her “make it big”. Also, that movie can be hard on the mind and definitely would require a few trigger warnings for some people. I loved it though.

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