Roland said

London Tea

I’ve just been down to London over the weekend, and was lucky to have a couple of really good tea experiences – so I thought I’d share them :)

Firstly, I was intending to go to Postcard Teas, but unfortunately they were closed that weekend. I did get a recommendation to visit East Teas in Borough Market however;

I talked to Alex there, who was fantastically helpful and interesting. I’ve picked up a couple of teas – a chinese red and an oolong, both of which I am very much looking forward to trying!

I also went to TeaSmiths –

This was undoubtedly the best tea service I’ve ever had. They use a variety of brewing methods – gaiwan & yi xing teapots among others – and serve multiple infusions, brewed at the bar in front of you.

I’ll definitely be back when I next make it to London!

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Nik select said

TeaSmiths sound really lovely, thanks for sharing!

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Azzrian said

SO happy you got this experience! :)

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Lauren said

Sounds so fun! I need to find a good tea house in my area…

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Uniquity said

Yay for tea! If you’d like to do up a quick write-up for each of these in the Places tab, I’m sure it would be appreciated! : )

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