Jolly Jellybean question...

OK… DaisyChubb sent me a sample of this tea a while back, and I’ve been holding off on trying it until I had more jellybeans, because it appears that the jellybeans are mysteriously missing from the package. :)

Well, we went to costco today and got another huge jar of jelly bellys (OMG I love these things) and I’m wondering how important the jellybeans really are to the mix? As a former tea artisan, I know that most of the tea blending components (fruit bits, etc) don’t really add much to the flavor of the tea … but what about the jelly beans? Do they add more flavor to the tea? (I’ve never actually steeped jellybeans so I am not sure what they may or may not contribute to the cup). Should I add a couple of jellybeans to the blend, or will it not really matter?

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momo said

I added more to mine and it made a difference I think. It melts the sugar a bit, so it kind of gets a little syrupy, but there’s some of the fruit flavors to it too. I only used cherry and strawberry jelly beans in it, but it tasted fruitier than the first cups before I added more.

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OK… cool. Thanks for your response. I think I will add a couple to the tea … not a lot maybe just two or three.

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Oops! Sorry haha, I only got a 25g or less sample I think, so I think I only had one jelly bean in the whole package. And I didn’t even eat them out of the package, I promise! lol

LOL! No problem… I just was really wondering how much impact they had on the overall tea. I mean, as I said above, most additives are added for appearance only, and do relatively little to the overall flavor. But, jellybeans are a little different because they can melt and add a little bit of sweetness if nothing else to the overall flavor, so I wanted to find out if anyone knew for sure. Since I’ve got 4 pounds of jelly bellys at the present time, I wanted to add some while I still had the jelly bellys, as they disappear way too fast in this house. I suspect we have an infestation of jelly belly gnomes.

As long as it’s not a buttered popcorn flavour, I’m sure it will be delicious! haha
Also – as long as they are not Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! Unless the dirt flavour just made it take on a pu’er quality… I need to sleep now, sense is not making.
Can’t wait to read your review with the added beans anyways! lol

I love the buttered popcorn flavor too much to put it in the jellybean tea. haha! The buttered popcorn, the black licorice and the cinnamon flavored ones are my three favorites, which is kind of funny because nobody else in the house likes those flavors. Although the vanilla bean one is quickly gaining momentum toward my top three too… that one is amazingly YUM!

And … I’m not adventurous enough to try the bertie bott’s. My oldest daughter once got a package of them, ate a couple of them and threw the rest out, she apparently got a really nasty tasting one.

I dug out a lemon, an orange sherbet, and a cherry flavored jelly belly to add to the tea. I’ll probably try it tomorrow.

Nik select said

Bertie Bott’s are awesome. Yes, there are some gross ones, but that’s part of the fun! I was amazed at how true to the flavour they are.

I’m not at all surprised that they’re true to the flavor, because they’re made by the same company that makes the jelly bellys (I think so anyway) … and jelly bellys are spot on. Like the aforementioned buttered popcorn. OMG I can’t get over how much it tastes like buttered popcorn. The flavors are so spot on. Love it.

But… bertie bott’s … I just am not that adventurous I’m afraid. I don’t want a really gross one. I don’t want my candy to be gross. LOL

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I got a whole tin and there were only about six jelly beans in it, and my kids stole em.

So it’s Davids Tea that’s stingy with the jelly bellys then. I wonder if they have a case of jelly belly gnome infestation at their headquarters……

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darby select said

Oh, I hope mine aren’t stolen! I just placed an order and Jolly Jelly was included.

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Uniquity said

A few years back the sales assistants at a number of DT locations admitted to eating the watermelon pieces out of the tins of Luscious Watermelon (ew!). Maybe they’ve done that with the jelly beans? : )

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I always try each ingredient steeped on its own before adding it to a blend. Maybe just try steeping some jellybeans in water for a few minutes and see if it adds anything then add to the blend accordingly. I just did this with marshmallows to see if they really make a huge difference and they really do. Marshmallow water is surprisingly tasty. I would guess they would add sugar. I bet the exterior coat of the beans melt and add some sweetness. Just a guess though.

I might try that. Then again, that would mean sacrificing more jelly bellys. LOL

Hahaha :)

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Lynxiebrat said

LOL. I have been thinking of doing just this, adding jelly beans to my teas. I love Jelly Bellys, I definitely love the buttered popcorn flavor, tastes alot like sweet kettle corn. Root Beer and Vanilla would be my 2nd and 3rd favorites. I have a strawberry kiwi green tea that needs perking up, I wonder what flavor of Jelly Bellys would go with that?

And right now drinking my favorite herbal tea, Winter Tonic from a tea shop in Ann Arbor.

They do have a yummy strawberry jam flavored jelly belly as well as a kiwi flavored jelly belly.

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