Max said

Looking for testers to try new culinary grade powder

Hi everyone,

We’ve been experimenting with stone-grinding our unique Coffee Leaf Tea and we recently created a powder that’s great for cooking. Is anyone interested in trying it out?

So far we’ve made cookies, energy balls, pancakes, muffins etc, but looking to really expand the feedback outside our close friends and generate some insights.

Here is more info and the cookie recipe we used:

Let me know if you want some :)

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Hi Max, Arnaud, and Tea-m,

I’d be happy to give you some honest feedback for the coffee leaf powder, though I also know a whole lab of tea drinkers who would be excited to try out the coffee leaf powder for you! ;)

The Steepster messaging system is very buggy ATM – but you can message me at ros_strange on instagram if you’d like!!

Regardless, very excited to see this finally hitting the market!

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Lumpkin said

It’s a great sharing.

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