Big Changes at Damn Fine Tea World Headquarters

New Web Site!

Fire up your Internet Page Machine and visit our new web site now with bigger pictures, faster checkout, and some new stuff. Our fancy Limited Editions get their own section as do our favorite damn fine teas which will always be available. You can now purchase Gift Certificates so your friends and family will finally know what you’ve been swearing about.

New Blend!

To celebrate the new site and the relentless march of technology, we are proud to announce our Double Knit Blend. Enjoy the rugged, stylish flavors you can only get from fully modern beverage engineering. It’s bright as sunshine on a California highway and shimmers like the finest Dacron pullover.


Charles & Erik

5 Replies
Babble said

You guys forgot to post a link!

Obviously, a quick Google search remedies this, but you don’t want to make people work too hard ;)

Congrats on the site!

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D’oh! We are Internet Professionals®. Thanks for posting the link.

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Angrboda said

Does this also mean that it’s easier for international sorts who were previously forced to order via email and paypal money directly, because the site wouldn’t accept my card?

I’m embarrassed to say we haven’t had a chance to test the new system on international orders. But I’m pretty confident it’s much improved. I hope.

Angrboda said

Oh well. At least the other way has worked as well, even if it is a little more impractical.

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