Tea at Work

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The main thing my parents use at home is a Sunbeam Hot Shot. They’re cheap (~$18 on Amazon), they work quickly and well, and they last a long time – the first one we had got used several times a day, and it lasted around 15 years (maybe a few more but I can’t remember). They’re now on their second one, which has been going strong for 5+ years. I haven’t used one in an office, but I would imagine it would be great to keep at your desk, as the footprint isn’t all that large. :D


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K S said

The Sunbeam Hot Shot does indeed work very well at the office desk. Mine lasted about 10 years before lime caused it to start leaking. The water is not a rolling boil but close. You know how your kettle starts steaming and gets loud then quiets down just before it boils? That is where the Hot Shot heats the water. That and a mug sized infuser basket is all you really need to brew your favorite.

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I use a 1.5 liter Zojirushi Micon Water Boiler. It has 3 temp settings 208, 195, 140 Perfect temps for Puer , oolongs and delicate greens. They are a bit spendy at $100 but I’ve had mine for 3 years and I use it EVERY day… I bought a Tiger brand water boiler (same exact idea as the Zojirushi for my house). You cannot go wrong with quality.

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