Wine flavored teas

Hey all!

I’m happy that my love of tea and helped me bond with my new mother in law. She also likes tea, but not to the same insanity level of me – but hey, it’s something for us to talk about!
Last year I got her DavidsTea’s Cabernet Sauvignon, a red wine based black tea – she loved the smell but not the taste.

I’ve tried looking around for a good wine type tea, but there is so many. Can someone recommend me something good that can be purchased online? She’s more of a white and oolong drinker.

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Azzrian said

Vintage Tea Works offers very nice wine infused teas!
See a review here
Granted they offer others than just this one but that gives you an idea!
I have sampled this one as well and it was spot on!

wow those look good and great selection too!

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I really liked the Riesling from Joy’s Teapoon –

It was delicious, but I can’t comment on how accurately it tasted like wine ;)

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Meeka select said

I got a wine flavored tea in a box from LiberTEAS a long time ago that was a white tea, and it was pretty good — I think it was Wine-Oh ( Wish I had logged it :(

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momo said

I like Lupicia’s Champagne Rosé, but it’s black. Teavana has a white, Chateau Blanc I think it’s called. Haven’t tried it yet, but it’s up there for me to try. I thought the couple of rooibos blends modeled after wines had a bit of a likeness to the wine, so I imagine this one might work too, and probably be better since there isn’t any hibiscus and that’s what ruined the rooibos ones for me.

Azzrian said

Oh yes indeed this is a good one too!

I personally really don’t like the Chateau Blanc – too much fig or date in it for me. But someone else might!

Azzrian said

I have not tried that one.

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Alphakitty said

Red Leaf has quite a few. I really love Element’s Pink Sonoma which is (obviously) not available but Red Leaf has a Pink Sonoma as well! Oh, and Caraway has a tasty Champagne Raspberry but it’s on the pricey side. And both are white blends.

Azzrian said

I have yet to try mine yet. Waiting to sip down some others.

I’ve been tempted to order Pink Sonoma from Red Leaf, but I get distracted by all the matchas!

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I’ve tried quite a few wine flavored/infused teas, but the very best, in my opinion, have been the ones from Vintage Tea Works. They are simply brilliant.

sweet, I think I’ll get one of those then.. now to choose which one my MIL would like best! TY!

Oh… you’re going to LOVE the packaging too. Very much in keeping with the wine-infused theme.

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Sare said

I got agree that Tea can Surly bring a Family together :) it sure did for me and my Sister in law Keen We were friends when her brother and i started dating and then of course got lost in life but its good to have that Closeness again :) and def over teas and Shows!
I have an Ice wine tea from Canada and I am afraid to try it cues im not TO big on wines other then sweet desert wines…

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I really liked the Iced Wine tea from Design a Tea. I received it as a sample, but I’ll be purchasing with my next order.

Azzrian said

I have tried a few Ice Wine Teas and I do feel that Design A Tea’s ice wine is the best.

ooh that Design a Tea looks fun! I’ll be sure to snag tea from there!

Azzrian said

Brian from there is really nice – you can get two free samples as well.

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We carry a couple wine teas…
1. Cabernet Whispers
2. Raspberries & Champagne White Tea Blend

You can find there on my site

Good luck on your quest. :)

Azzrian said

Cabernet Whispers? How have I not heard of this? Looking….

Azzrian said


We are doing some routine maintenance to provide you with the best experience.

Please check back again later.

Thanks for your patience.

Yes, I noticed too. Here is my Etsy link for both….

Cabernet Whispers –

Raspberries & Champagne –

Azzrian said

Thanks! Favorited!

Great, and thanks :)

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