James R said

New York people!

Im going to be in NYC for a week, who knows some good tea places for e to try?

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Babble said

Lucky for you I just went to NYC and went on a tea spree.

Definitely Harney & Sons in SoHo!
Chinatown (which is close by) also has a TenRen which is pricey, but has some neat bubble tea. Chinatown just has a bunch of random tea places anyway..
There are two David’sTea’s in NY, gotta check one of them out.
Argo Tea is also there, but I’ve heard mixed reviews…

Alphakitty said

If you want some great and not so pricey bubble tea in chinatown go to ViVi—it’s such a cute little shop with amazing bubble tea (the taro is my favorite), plus they have things like curry popcorn chicken and takoyaki!

One of my friends LOVES Argo. Never been myself, though.

James R said

I go to Argo in Chicago all the time i actually went to one in Ohare before the flight. Its good, not the highest quality but better than most. Awesome muffins too.

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I lived in NY for many years and still consider it my home even though I live in the suburbs now.

Tea houses:
Cha-an – Japanese style tea house. Love it.
Franchia – Vegan Korean tea house. Love it more
Saints Alps – HK style tea drinks. Interesting experience.
Chinatown dim sum – not the best tea, but great food if you are adventurous. Good for experience.
Alice’s tea cup – Brtish style tea house
Radiance Tea and Books – emphasis on Chinese teas.

Harney& Sons
David’s tea

Of Interest:
Panya – Japanese bakery with lots of green tea baked goods. The green tea tiramisu is fantastic!

Have fun!

Nik select said

Saints Alps and Alice’s Tea Cup are great. The latter is especially fun, if you’re a fan of the Alice in Wonderland theme. =)

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Look on scoutmob for deals. There’s a bunch of tea deals on there right now.

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inguna said

I could recommend La Maison du Chocolat (1018 Madison avenue 78th Street). They pair tea with chocolate bars, truffles, ganaches, pralines, marrons glacés, chocolate-covered fruits etc. The is really good and the chocolate is the best I have ever tried.

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If you like Chinese teas, there’s the Kamwo Pharmacy right on Grand Street. They have a lot of traditional medicines but they also have a substantial amount of teas.
I just tried a tea we got from there almost two years ago and it kept amazingly well and was still fabulous.

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