Favorite offline places to buy tea

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James R said

Adagio has a store near my house. They will cup anything you want before you buy. Teagschwender is nice too!

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rantHappy said

I’ve only been to teavana in my area. World market is fun, but the selection isn’t as big.

There are supposed to be a few local tea stores around, but I have yet to visit them.

Edit: I recently found out that the kitchen store in Downtown Disney sells teas and Disney tea paraphernalia. I bought some Wonderland tea cups and tea http://instagr.am/p/QONYJCvXjS/ . Next time I go, I hope to get the Wonderland Teapot.
Babble said

Are you in Orlando? There’s actually a couple neat tea places closer to Downtown Orlando. :)

rantHappy said

I’m in Palm Bay, about an hour away.

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I’m pretty sure no one is near me, but Tea & Bloom is a local tea house. I always get a steeped cup to go. Anywhere from 2-5 times a week, they are a min walk from where I work. I also buy leaves to take home from them.

If I’m in the city that is 2 hours away I stop in at DT. Get a to go cup & some loose leaves to take home.

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sandra said

i live in the Netherlands. the simon levelt stores are my fave great selection of 200+ loose tea choices. organic and very high quality.

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Cost Plus World Market. It’s closest to me.

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T.C. said

My favorite by far is the Mad Hat Tea Co.
They have a fun spot downtown here with a bar to sit at “and watch the tea brewing magic” as well as some couches and small bistro tables to sit at. Great atmosphere! You can sit, chat, and drink any tea they have for $2.50 or you can buy any bulk tea or blend to go in any increments you like. They will also custom blend anything you want if you ask! Very knowledgeable owners and just a great place to spend an afternoon.

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Locally would be White Horse( in the county, a few cities away from me)


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Artp said

I get most of my teas from NYC, because Jersey has few options.

I refuse to walk into Teavana unless absolutely necessary, because they are the pushiest salespeople I’ve ever seen. But NYC has great tea shops!

DAVIDSTEA in Greenwhich Village is terrific, the staff is super friendly and the most helpful and knowledgeable I’ve found in any tea shop. The teas are a little more expensive than I can usually afford, so I usually only go there for my treats. The nice thing about being in The Village is you can also stop by Mcnulty’s, which has great bases (4 0z of peppermint for like 4$) and there’s also Sullivan st tea and spice and Porto Rico imports (which I haven’t visited but plan to soon).

Then head 10 blocks south…

Harney and Sons in Soho has an incredible selection, and you can sample which is nice. I usually go with a few friends so we can sample each others’ and everyone gets to try a lot of new stuff. However, I usually find their sales tea, to be less friendly, and they have oversteeped my teas for the sample at least half the times I’ve been there. I try not to hold it against them, and it’s still my favorite shop to get my “staple” teas. They offer more traditional blends, using less, or often none, non-tea ingredients (where as DAVIDSTEA will put in anything from jelly beans to marshmallows). I do frequent visits for their Paris, Hot Cinnamon Spice, and Jasmine pearls.

The nice thing is, H&S is around the block from Chinatown. I get tons of teaware here, particularly at the Kam-Man supermarket on canal. $18 tea sets, I even picked up a beautiful cast iron set with two cups for$30.

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I like to go to Japanese/Chinese markets, they have really good prices.

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pavl said

I’m in philly and I usually go to china town or to Premium Steap, which is the only loose leaf tea shop I know of in Philly and it’s really nice i think!

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