David1 said

Diamond Jubilee

Hi all. I just joined here, in search of Diamond Jubilee tin cans…

I live in us and I have found that us is like a desert for tea-lovers. (sort of) It’s not like in asia where you can order from hongkong or japan, or in europe (for some obvious reasons).

In any case, recently, I have been looking for Diamond Jubilee tin can specials, and all I found that is available in US is Harney’s.
Fortnum, Twinings, they dont have it here, or i can by 30 pounds for shipping. and apparently william and sonoma is supposedly be carrying some of fortnum’s stuff, but none.

In short, do you know where I can get those hard-to-get-teas-in-the-new-world teas?


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Nicole said

We had this discussion back in June. There wasn’t a good solution that we came up with short of haunting Ebay to see if we could grab deals. I even wrote to Twinings and they said explicitly that their US site was not carrying the DJ blend. It does make sense – is isn’t our queen. :) But it did make us feel left out. :)

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