98 degrees?

Hey all,

So I recently bought a few new David’s Teas, and the black ones say to steep with 98 degree water. I have a tea thermometer from David’s Teas as well, and so far I haven’t been able to get the water that hot. I bring it to a whistling boil in my kettle, but when I pour the water into the cup and take the temp, the hottest I’m seeing on the thermometer is 91 degrees.

Help, please! How do I get it hot enough?


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Azzrian said

Put hot water in your cup – dump the water out – then fill again – in other words – PREHEAT your cup. Hope that helps.

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Did you measure the temperature of the boiling water?
Altitude plays a role too. Where I live at, Bogota, I can’t reach 92 degrees when boiling water.

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