cuppaT said

Saying "Hello!"

Hello, everyone; my name is Bonnie and, while not exactly a tea newbie, I’ve recently gotten a lot more serious about tea. SO glad I found Steepster! I’ve already learned so much from the discussions; for instance, I never knew there were so many online tea companies. I may never have to shop at Teavana again (unless, of course, I find myself at the mall…). Am eagerly awaiting samples from Teavivre, Teajo Teas and Della Terra — all such nice people to deal with. (I couldn’t resist ordering several Try Me packs from Della Terra!) Now I just need to get my Cupboard in order and my Tasting Log started. I hope to join in on the discussions, although I’m rather intimidated by all of the tea knowledge I see here. Fortunately, feelings of intimidation have never stopped me from making a fool of myself before, so they most probably won’t hold me back now…

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Azzrian said

Don’t be intimidated!
Everything I know about tea came from here! :)
Also check out Den’s tea 3.00 sampler! You get a 3.00 coupon on your first order as well so if you do order the sampler is free. Its a nice sampler too with GREAT teas!

Verdant Tea also now has samplers – check them out on here – they are AMAZING teas and a great company.

There are so many really to try lol – its hard to decide where to go.
I love Della Terra so good choice there too!

Teavivre is another great one!
Sounds like you are well on your way!
Teajo and I am new acquaintances but so far enjoying them very much.

Anyway – again welcome to Steepster! :)

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ashmanra said

Woo hoo! Welcome! You are off to a great start with those samples. You are sure to find some tea love!

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Claire said

Welcome to Steepster! :)

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Welcome, Bonnie.
I’m sure you’ll have a lot fun in steepster.
I’ll be following your reviews.

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gmathis said

Hi and welcome. Don’t worry … I’ve blazed a trail for you. I regularly make a fool of myself with goofy comments ;) You’re in good company!

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DaisyChubb said

Welcome Bonnie! :D
Hope you feel right at home ^^

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Hey Bonnie, glad you’re here! I love this place!

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Erika M. said

Welcome to Steepster! :) I have no doubt that you’ll fit right in. The site is about having fun, learning more about tea and connecting with other tea lovers. They’re definitely great company!

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Donna A said

Welcome Bonnie. I’m fairly new to Steepster also. It’s very friendly and alot of fun. My reviews are much more basic than many of the regulars, but I get the impression that people don’t mind and they welcome anyone who wants to be involved, as long as they’re respectful. I’ve also learned a lot. I discovered (and ordered from) Teavivre, Verdant, 52teas, and Red Leaf so far.

Nik select said

Your impression is right, we absolutely don’t mind. Your tasting note is for you; we just happen to be able to enjoy it, too. =)

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teawade said

Welcome Bonnie! Steepster is amazing because of it’s community. I’ve never met such friendly and genuinely nice people online before. I’m sure you will love it here as well.

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