10 Top Pu-erh Tea Misconceptions

Every pu-erh tea lover must have discovered at least one pu-erh myth! In this article we just gathered the top 10.

Is there anything we missed?
Unfortunately, with the rise of pu-erh popularity, the myths keep increasing. Knowing these is a good way to not overpay for a cake.


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ashmanra said

Enjoyed the video of making puerh in a gaiwan!

thank you! :)

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LuckyMe said

I’m not a puerh drinker but this was an informative article.

thanks for your feedback! :)

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Lumpkin said

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I’m assuming this is an editing mistake and you mean the reverse:

“Sheng Pu-erh, generally, shouldn’t be aged for more than ten years, after which it basically becomes an old Sheng Pu-erh. Shou, on the other hand, can be aged for over 20 years, and typically becomes better with age”

ashmanra said

A long time ago I read that sheng can be aged nicely up to 60 years and shu for 25.
I think you may be right, this was stated backwards.

Yes, you’re right! :)

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