UPDATE-Winning Tea Now Available!!!-Butiki Teas Super Awesome Free Tea Contest

UPDATE-The winning blend idea is now available for sale! You can purchase Ruby Pie here: http://www.butikiteas.com/Black.html.

Also, we did a short interview with the winner and discussed the contest on our blog. Check it out: http://butikiteas.blogspot.com/2013/04/custom-blend-contest-winning-tea-now.html

So, the title might sound a little inflated but I’m in a super awesome mood so everything seems super awesome.

Contest #1 – Win A Custom Blend (Flavored or Herbal Blend)
This is the first time we are trying this, so hopefully this works out well but we think it will be fun. We would like to offer a prize of 1 custom blend of 4oz of tea base plus any additions to the base (this custom blend is valued up to $60 and can potentially come out to 8oz of tea).

How the contest works: Send us your ideas for a custom blend. Each person can suggest up to 3 ideas. Please keep the tea bases to teas we currently stock. Check here for base tea ideas (though we do have some teas that are not listed, including: Bi Lo Chun, Darjeeling, Moonshine, and a stronger Assam): http://www.butikiteas.com/. Herbals may include herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices that we do not carry. Submission for ideas are due by October 19th. We will compile all ideas. If there are duplicate ideas, the first person to come up with the idea will be chosen. Some ideas might not be workable for us. If an idea is not realistic for us, we will email you back and let you suggest another idea. After all the ideas have been compiled, we will choose the best 10 ideas and put them on our blog for voting. Voting will close November 2nd and the person with the most votes will win. We will contact the winner and discuss their thoughts on what the tea should taste like. We will work on blending the tea then send the winner a sample for 1 round of feedback. After the tea has been blended, the winner may choose a name (within reason, keep it PG13) and the 4+ oz of tea will be shipped out. We will then offer at least a limited release of the tea so that everyone can have a chance to purchase the blend.

Fine Print (Please read): Custom blends are risky. The tea might not turn out as anticipated. We will do what we can to get the blend as close as possible. Send as much info about your blend ideas as possible. It’s easier to choose a blend if there is an idea of what base tea will be used or at least what category of tea. A description would be even better. The more info we have the higher chance there is to make it into the final 10. Please also keep in mind that we are a vegan company, we can recreate many non-vegan flavors but will not add non-vegan ingredients. For instance, it is fine to suggest items such as marshmallow or cream flavorings but we will not add dried meats. Send your ideas (up to 3) to [email protected] with the subject line “Contest-Custom Blend”. With your ideas, please provide us with your full name and make sure you are sending the email from an email address you check regularly. We will not keep your email addresses after the contest ends, send you unrelated emails or sell your email address. Please note it may take several days for us to confirm your entry. Also, we would love to see people discuss their ideas on here after they have submitted them. A discussion would be fun. Also, we would love to see feedback about what you think of this contest. There are several people on Steepster that have worked with us on custom blends. I encourage them to weigh in on the process and give their thoughts.

Contest #2- Win A Luxury Sampler Plus 1 ounce of our Wild Purple Buds Puerh (Plain Tea)
The winner of this contest will win our Luxury Sampler which includes our Anxi Tie Guan Yin (oolong), Organic Huangshan Mao Feng (green tea), and Mi Xian Black (black tea). Each tea is housed in a tin and the tins are housed in a burgundy organza bag. For more information about our Luxury Sampler, please check here: http://www.butikiteas.com/LuxurySampler.html Also, the winner will win 1 oz of either 2011 or 2012 Wild Purple Buds Puerh (the choice is up to the winner). For more information about this puerh, please check here: http://www.butikiteas.com/Puerh.html.

To win this contest, we are looking for blog reviews (or facebook reviews if you don’t have a blog) of our plain teas. Simply write a review of any of our plain non-flavored teas (negative or positive) and send us a link and we will enter you in a drawing that will be chosen randomly at www.random.org. Simply send us a link to your review to [email protected] with the subject line “Contest-Plain Tea” and send us your full name and make sure you are sending the email from an email address you check regularly. We will not keep your email addresses after the contest ends, send you unrelated emails or sell your email address. You may submit as many links as you like and each link will count as a separate entry. Entries may be submitted up until November 2nd. Please note it may take several days for us to confirm your entry.


Contest #2.
New Point System:

Each 1 point counts as an 1 entry. Must be plain non-flavored teas.

Steepster Review Old-1 point each (maximum of 5 points allowed)
Steepster Review Current (October 1st or sooner)-2 points each (unlimited points allowed)
Facebook Review-6 points each (unlimited points allowed)
Blog Post-Old-4 points each
Blog Post Current (October 1st or sooner)-7 points each
Unlimited points allowed through blogposts

Reviews must be substantial, meaning that they must be more than “this tea is good/bad”.

So, let’s say someone has 3 old Steepster reviews, 4 current Steepster reviews, 2 Facebook reviews, and 1 current blog post. That would be 30 points, which means 30 entries.
You may enter both contests. We do accept international entries.

97 Replies

I would also like to note that I am putting together a team that will choose the final 10. To keep it impartial, I will not be choosing the blends myself but I will be pre-screening to make sure the blend is doable.

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momo said

When I have a chance I already know what idea I am going to email you! I don’t have time right now to write it :( but I love this contest idea so much!

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This is a great idea!

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Yay, I’m glad this sounds like a good idea to you 2! It sounds like fun to me, but of course I’ll have a good time reading through new ideas.

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Babble said

Will a steepster review work if we don’t have a blog? My Facebook is pretty locked down from the general public.

I’ll send you a PM.

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Batrachoid said

What luck. I reviewed your South Korean Green the day before the contest! XD I love the idea of the blend contest. I’m going to have to think hard about this one before I enter. I’d love to hear some of the non-minning entries too, just to see what many minds think up.

Fantastic luck! Be sure to also send us an email with the link. That’s how we are organizing the entries.

Hmmm, well I can tell you some of the past interesting custom blends that we’ve done for our customers. These three are all custom blends that we are either selling now or will be selling soonish: Peach HoppiTea (peach beer tea with Cascade hops), Tamarind Pop (bubbly tamarind tea), and Smoldering Chocolate Decadence (chocolate chilli tea).

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Sounds fun! I wanna do the custom contest, but I’ve never come up with blends before, so looks like I need to do some research on what teas go with what, or check out the teas I have that work.

Well, there are a number of ways to approach it. I’m really big into cooking, so I always draw inspiration from food items. Our Raspberry Truffle was inspired by hazelnut, raspberry, chocolate cookies I make and our Mango Lassi was inspired by a Mango Lassi I had tasted at one point. Right now I’ve been thinking about possibly making a chestnut cranberry based on stuffing that I make. I also look to the seasons for inspiration and look at popular flavors of the season. Also, I sometimes look at a tea I like and determine its key notes. Then I think about what flavors would play into them or contrast them nicely.

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Definitely a Super Awesome Tea Contest!

Thanks! :)

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Alphakitty said

What a fun idea for a contest! I have some ideas brewing already.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)

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I’m wondering if steepster reviews count? I’m not on Facebook and I don’t have a blog.

I’ve sent you a PM.

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